Friday, January 31, 2014

Organizing My Jewelry Armoire

I know I have shared this before, but I thought I would show an updated look at my organized jewelry armoire. 

The Hayworth Jewelry armoire was the first piece of furniture that I purchased all on my own. This item can be found here at Pier 1. It is an extremely sturdy piece of furniture and holds a TON inside! Here is a peek inside my jewelry armoire and how I organize it.

The top of the Hayworth jewelry armoire opens up and inside I like to keep all of my rings and stud earrings. I don't wear a ton of rings, but I have a few fun costume jewelry rings- including a light up ring Rachel gave me when she asked me to be her maid of honor. I also have a few rings from my grandma and other rings I have purchased- however nothing too fancy!

My stud earrings are my most-worn earrings due to my job. Since I'm flipping kids around in gymnastics and dancing around like a crazy person while I teach dance I can't wear dangly earrings. Therefore my studs allow me to change my earrings on a daily basis. I try to keep these as organized as possible- although often I have to tidy this section of my jewelry armoire up!

This is what the front looks like when the doors are open.

I keep my longer, bigger necklaces on the left side, and my smaller, delicate necklaces on the right side. I keep my necklaces to a minimum since I only wear them when I go out, and I honestly choose necklaces last- I tend to go for earrings and bracelets instead. I do enjoy having some statement necklaces to wear with certain outfits. I also have quite a few delicate necklaces with single charms that I have either received as gifts, or I purchased for a special occasion.

The top drawer contains the majority of my silver dangly earrings. This is the drawer I tend to pick from if I plan on wearing bigger earrings that day. I am totally a silver girl and I never realized why until I learned that your skin tone can have a huge part of why either gold or silver looks better on you. After taking a quick look at the color of my veins, I learned that indeed silver is the better color for my skin. Therefore my silver collection is growing! =)

The second drawer is full of my colorful earrings. I don't keep a ton of these around- but I do have quite a few colors to choose from if I need something to match my outfit!

My third drawer  holds my fun, colorful bracelets. I could definitely fit a ton more bracelets in this drawer but I like everything laid out individually. These bracelets are ones for charities and beaded bracelets.

The fourth drawer holds my nicer bracelets. I have a few fake pearl bracelets, some more delicate ones, my charm bracelet, and some bangles.

My fifth drawer holds some plain silver chains, fake pearl necklaces, my Alex and Ani bracelets and a few things from my great-grandparents. I love my Alex and Ani bracelets so I am in this drawer almost every day!

The sixth drawer is a huge one and holds all of my hair bands, hair clips, and a few curling irons.

The bottom drawer holds all of my nail polish and nail supplies. I love painting my nails and have quite the collection of nail polish.

How do you store your jewelry?

Have a great weekend everybody!

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