Thursday, January 9, 2014

Project 365: Week 1!

Happy Thursday everyone!

We're almost at the weekend guys! Woohoo! This year on the blog, every Thursday I will be sharing the pictures from my Project 365. If you haven't heard of Project 365 before, it's simply when you take a picture every day for the entire year. I am sharing these pictures over on my Instagram page- which you can find by clicking on the link in the sidebar, over there------------>

So here are my pictures from the first week of this project!

Wednesday January 1st

Walking with Roxy and my mom down trails nearby our house.

Thursday January 2nd

Watching deer from the window, getting a jump from AAA, and waiting for the blizzard.

Friday January 3rd

A half day snow day, I did't have to work in the morning, only in the afternoon which was a nice break!

Saturday January 4th

In the morning I left for work and it was -5*- Yuck!

Sunday January 5th

I went shopping at the mall and got my cracked phone screen replaced. Followed by an awesome Tone It Up workout and a run for SundayRunday!

Monday January 6th

I was wishing that I could have a lazy day with Roxy. She was so cuddly!

Tuesday January 7th

I held my baby for awhile when I got home from work!

Wednesday January 8th

I had a great day spending some time with my BFFL . We ran some wedding errands, got mani-pedis and had dinner at a winery!

Remember, every Thursday I will be sharing this pictures all year long, but you can also find them posted daily on my instagram. My user name is melissapearce and I would love to have you check out all the pictures I take!

Have a great day everybody!

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