Monday, February 10, 2014

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I finished a fabulous book this weekend, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver.

Before I Fall is a novel about a girl named Sam who is part of the "mean girls" in her high school. Sam was a child who was often made fun of and suddenly became popular one day and never looked back. She is downright nasty to other people in her school, flirts inappropriately with teachers, and barely makes any time for her family. At the end of her day, she dies in a car accident. However, after dying she wakes up, forced to repeat her last day again. And again. And again.

While Sam repeated her last day over and over, I wondered what the reason was she was being forced to do so. Sam keeps trying to change her own fate throughout the novel, avoiding the drive that killed her, but is still forced to relive her last day over and over. 

There are a lot of elements to this story, and I love how Lauren Oliver managed to retell the same day several times without ever being redundant. It is such a fabulous novel about friendship, high school, bullying, and standing up for what is right. I highly recommend it.

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Have you read any great books lately?

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