Friday, February 14, 2014

February Birchbox

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you all have a  wonderful Valentines Day with the ones you love!

Today, I am sharing my February Birchbox which arrived on Wednesday. I am always so excited when it arrives, it's like a little gift in my mailbox every month.

This red carpet themed box has so many products that I am excited to try!

The first product, and the one I am the most excited about is Whish three wishes body butter. I received the scent pomegranate. I have used a Whish product before (the blueberry scented shaving cream) and absolutely loved it, so I am super excited to try this.

The next product is Beauty Protector protect and oil. This is a product that defends against UV rays, heat and breakage. It says to put one to three drops into damp hair, so I will be trying this after my next shower!

This item rivals the whish body butter for the most exciting item in this box. This is the Coastal Scents Revealed eye shadows. There are a few shades in here which I will share during my review. I love eyeshadow, so I am really excited about this item.

The Resist Ultra-light super antioxidant concentrate serum seems interesting as well. I will definitely give this a try as it says it balances skin and tightens pores.

Lastly, is an interesting item called Reviver dry deodorant swipes for clothes. These are used to get gross smells out of clothes. I think this sounds interesting, especially if you've been somewhere that doesn't smell that great and you don't want your clothes to smell like it when you leave. On the packaging it suggests using it after traveling, eating or working out.

That's it for my Birchbox, quite a few items I'm very interested to try! I will be back in a couple weeks to tell you what I think of these products. Also, at the end of the month I will be sharing all my winter empties. I have been saving up my empties from December, January and February and have quite a few to share!

Have an amazing Valentines Day and weekend everyone!

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  1. Ahhh! Another month with VERY different boxes - the only similar item was the Beauty Protector - so jealous of the eyeshadow!!!!