Friday, February 21, 2014

Labels, Labels Everywhere!

On Tuesday when I stopped in Staples, I obviously had to browse the Martha Stewart section. I knew pretty much what I wanted, I had bookplate labels in mind, but I wasn't sure exactly what I would end up picking up. 

I decided to buy the cheaper, smaller labels since there is no reason to have humongous labels (double this size) in this particular project. You can find them online, here.

There are six of these bookplate labels in each package, so I purchased two.

I also, used my new washi tape to help with the label making!

What project would be complete without my handy label maker?

Now, there are several places I wanted to put these labels. I ended up being able to use them on all the places I had originally planned which turned out great. I think they look awesome as well!

I labeled all three (Yes, three! You will see the third one soon!) of my DVD bins. Remember when I put all my DVDs in these bins? Such a space saver and it has worked out wonderfully so far. These baskets are from Target and you can find them here.

I also labeled all of my closet bins that needed labels. These bins were purchased at JcPenney's from the Michael Graves collection. I couldn't find the exact colors I purchased on their website (I know they were on clearance when I bought them, so they may not be available anymore), however here is a color I like. There are several other colors and designs available on the site as well.

Now, I can glance at the label rather then having to pull bins down to see what is inside them. For a shorty, this makes a huge difference. I also love that these labels stay firmly placed on the bins, but are easy to remove. I can easily take them off and place them somewhere else if need be.

I think that these labels complete the look that I am going for in my organization system.

Have you used any products from the Martha Stewart line at Staples?

I can personally recommend Martha's notebooks, expandable files, and these labels. I hope to try out more of her products in the future!

**This is NOT a sponsored post. All opinions are my own**

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