Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Less Stuff Less Stress: Donating and Selling on Ebay

Remember back at the beginning of the year I started my motto for year, "Less Stuff, Less Stress"? Well, I've been busy trying to live a simpler life. I don't want an overwhelming amount of stuff hanging around that I don't use. If there's no reason for an item to be hanging around- then out the door it goes.

I spent a great deal of time sorting through clothing, accessories and office supply items thinking about what I needed and what I no longer wanted. Once I was done I had two full bags of items! Now you might be wondering what I do with everything I want to get rid of. Here's my process!

Clothing and Accessories
With clothing and accessories I take a look at each item individually. If it is something that I think someone else might pay for it goes in my Ebay pile (more on that later). If it is not in great condition but still salvageable (something someone might be able to sew), or a brand that doesn't sell well online then I put it in my donation pile. For items like socks and underwear, they get thrown away, as well as any items that are badly stained or have significant rips and tears in them. 


Electronics sell very well online or at a flea market and I have done both. For old electronics don't set your sights too high, you will never get a full market value for them, but you can definitely get a fair value on Ebay. 

Electronic accessories (phone cases and the like) sell well also. Just make sure to specify what electronic they are paired with (specific brand and model).


I find that with most "stuff" donating is your best bet. I have tried to list quite a few items on Ebay, some sell and some don't. I have made quite a bit of money selling American Girl retired accessories online. I have also managed to make a bit of money on Dreamsicle and Willow Tree collectibles- but many non-brand name items will not sell as quickly. I usually try to sell items a few times on Ebay but if no one is bidding I end up donating them. To me, I would rather get rid of the item then have it hang around in order to make a few bucks.

Selling on Ebay

Selling on Ebay is a great option, but definitely time consuming. Here are some of my biggest tips for being successful on this popular site.

  • Don't expect to get what you paid. Chances are your item has been around for years. That jacket you bought for $100 isn't worth $100 anymore. Even if you get $10, that's $10 you didn't have before.
  • Take great pictures. Pictures will make or break your selling on Ebay. Put items in natural light and don't use your iPhone to take the pictures. Use a REAL camera to get quality pictures. 
  • Take multiple pictures. Make sure you photograph every angle.
  • Be Honest. Being honest about stains, rips or defects of any kind allows your buyer to know exactly what they are getting into when they are buying this item. They will have no reason to complain when your item ships to them.
  • Ship immediately after they pay. Get your butt to the post office. People want things instantly nowadays. The faster you get it to them the better a review they will give you, meaning more people will buy from you in the future.
This year I will be doing my best to sell or donate as much as possible. You can donate to any place of your choice but I always choose the Salvation Army. My family has been donating to the Salvation Army forever and they make it super easy to drop off items that you no longer want/need. 

Let's clean out the clutter this year guys! Less Stuff= Less Stress!

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