Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Organizing My File Cabinet Part 2

Today, I am sharing part 2 of my file cabinet organization!

I spent most of the morning yesterday out and about running errands. I had a pretty extensive shopping list when I left my house, however I managed to get everything on my list! 

A few of these items were used for projects- one that I will be sharing on Friday =)

I purchased 25 letter size hanging file folders and five small rolls of washi tape. I wanted to find white hanging files, but I wasn't able to find any white ones anywhere. I ended up with these, which are a brownish/tan color. It was either this or murky green, so I chose the brown. Although, I wasn't thrilled with the color choices, I am an incredibly impatient person and couldn't go from place to place searching for white hanging files, plus it was snowing and I wanted to get home…so brown it was.

Initially I planned on creating my own labels when I got back home and just using boring construction paper, or possibly making them on the computer. When I saw the washi tape stand, I did a double take. After spending a few minutes rummaging through the display, I decided that at $2 a roll I would buy 5 for my five categories.

Don't they look nice? I simply took the white label they supplied, wrapped the washi tape around it, and then created a label with my label maker. I think they look great, and I'm really excited about the way my file drawer looks now.

After organizing everything into five categories, I made sure to sort through each folder, getting rid of any papers I wouldn't need anymore.

Look at all that recycling!

Now, here's what my file drawer looks like now...

Nice huh?!

My first category is financial. I have my paycheck stubs, credit card files, tax files, budgeting files, and anything else that has to do finances.

My second category has to do with my car. I have a folder for general information, one for maintenance, and one for car insurance.

The third category is anything that has to do with work. I keep my current background checks, information for my job, and information for DMA in these files.

My green category is special events. I have files for both weddings I am participating in this year (any hotel information, registry information, etc goes in these files), and I also have files for vacations that I took last year.

My last section is my "everything else" category. I keep warranties, my writing, and medical information in this section.

Behind the hanging file folders is extra printer paper and extra notepads.

Goodbye recycling and stuff I can donate!

By the way, I *think* that I can include this bag of donations, and a bag of recycling into my Less Stuff Less Stress total! It feels so good to get rid of things I don't need, and to simplify. I don't feel overwhelmed when I open this drawer anymore- everything is simple and neat, just the way I like it!

Here's a final before and after for you:

 SOOOO much better!

Did you organize your files along with me? Share your links in the comment section, I would love to see what you've done!

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  1. Oh my god it looks AMAZING! I think I have your next series…Organizing Rachel's Life! The only problem is, it will be a never ending one….xoxo