Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Organizing My File Cabinet

Since spring is coming in only 29 days, I've decided to start a little spring cleaning series here on the blog. I will be sharing different sections of the house as I clean and organize them for my annual spring cleaning, and you are welcome to play along with me! I've also FINALLY discovered how to edit my photos to include text, so get ready for the future Balancing On My Toes readers!

Today I'm sharing my file cabinet before pictures. I decided after watching Alejandra's YouTube video that I wanted to update my file cabinet and create a more uniform look. Here's a before look at my bottom desk drawer (aka my file cabinet).

I keep a ton of paper in this file cabinet. I keep some extra printer paper, all my finical documents, work papers, and other important papers in this cabinet. I will get into more specific categories in my after tour once I have everything sorted.

The first step of completing a successful organizing project? Come on guys you should know this by now- Empty it out!

Now, that drawer needs a good scrubbing before everything goes back inside! Look at all this gross paper crumbs in the bottom of the drawer!

Meanwhile, everything was piled on my bed...

…and sorted into categories.

I ended up having to move my piles off my bed and onto the floor, so I could actually get to sleep last night.

So this is where I stand currently. My plan for today (if the snow isn't too crazy- I'm a little over this snowstorm business), is to head out and buy some new hanging folders all in white. Then I will create colored labels that coincide with different categories (financial, medical, etc…)

 I should be sharing an update tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Happy Organizing!

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