Thursday, February 6, 2014

Project 365: Week 5

Wow! I'm already recapping week 5? How can it be five weeks into 2014 already?! Time flies by that's for sure...

On Day 30 I did a little bit of scrapping that you saw the other day- my Disney scrapbook!

Day 31, I showed you a bit of my glamorous work-life. Yes, those are my ballet shoes that I wear five days a week. Super glamorous eh? =)

Day 32, aka February 1st…I headed to MA to spend some time with my college roomie Megan. We spent the night at her sisters' new apartment and played Cards Against Humanity which quickly became one of my favorite games ever!

Day 33 was Superbowl Sunday! I spent the day making my buffalo chicken dip and then went to my co-worker Kayla's apartment to hang out! Laura wouldn't allow her face to be photographed- but apparently her butt was okay =)

On Day 34 I woke up at Kayla's and played with her adorable son Brayden before leaving for work. Lucky for me it only ended up being a half day at work due to the snow!

Day 35 was another snowy day. Besides shoveling, my day was pretty normal- errands and cleaning! 

On Day 36 (yesterday) I built this little snowman after shoveling quite a bit. You gotta stop and have some fun every once in awhile! 

How was your week?!

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