Monday, February 17, 2014

Under The Bed...

Dun Dun Dun…

No there's nothing scary under my bed! Are there scary things under yours?

I think under the bed is a great place to store a few things, especially if you are a little low on storage space. I only keep a few things under my bed since I don't want it to become a free-for-all maze under there.

One of the main things I keep stored under my bed is a bin full of extra gifts. When I find a great deal, I tend to buy multiples of items and store them for future gifts. I also do the same thing after Christmas, when I find great deals on holiday gift sets, I buy a few and save them for when I'm in a pinch.

These are also great donation items if you ever do "Adopt a family" at Christmas time, or if you need a prize for a party game.

I also use bedspread packages to hold gifts. This tends to hold bigger gifts, or ones that are meant for specific purposes and I have just purchased super early. I love using these bedspread packages because they are a free supply and they seal nicely so everything you put inside stays safe.

My favorite storage item under my bed is my greeting card organizer. This is where I keep all my greeting cards organized by type and all my envelopes. I sometimes end up getting greeting cards for really cheap with coupons, so I usually buy generic cards so I can save them and use them rather then buy a super expensive card.

Before I used a shoe box to store them, and made the dividers you see above to fit inside the shoe box. In this plastic container, I feel that the cards and envelopes are safer, but still in a small bin. There is room to grow, if needed, but it also was a free organization system- the kind I love best!

In case you're curious of my card categories, they are; Birthday, Christmas, Thank You, and Blank.

I also try to clean under my bed every couple of weeks. When I change my sheets, I think it's a great time to move the bed and vacuum underneath. I also like to pull out a dusting rag and clean the baseboards on that side of the bedroom. It's important to make sure that area doesn't become a breeding zone for dust bunnies!

What is under your bed?! It is full of organizational aspects or a breeding ground for dust bunnies?

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