Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How I organize my clothes!

Sorry, I'm a little late with todays post, I was completely exhausted last night when I got home from work and it's been a busy day today so far! I'll share more about that during tomorrow's Project 365 post.

Today I want to share with you how I organize my clothes. I have seen my fair share of disastrous closets in my day (no Rachel, I'm not just talking about you!!!), and I think that with a little bit of organization your closet can be in great working order.

When I get dressed in the morning I usually have a good idea of what I want to wear that day so I would be irritable if I had to spend 5+ minutes searching for specific items. Since I know where every single item in my closet is, I can find it within 30 seconds and that makes me happy first thing in the morning!

Here is an overview of my hanging clothes in my closet.

Now I know I probably will get different reactions from readers. Some of you may think I have a ridiculous amount of clothes and some of you are probably saying, "That's it?!"
I have done a ton of work going through my clothes and getting rid of anything I don't wear. 

Now I'm going to share the categories I have for my hanging clothes:

Jackets are my first category. I only keep a few jackets that I wear often. I have two nicer winter jackets, a jean jacket, and two black winter jackets. I keep all my categories color coded as well =)

Next up is sweatshirts.

Then sweaters...

Long sleeved shirts


Nicer short sleeved shirts...

Then lastly tank tops…

If you notice all my tops are categorized in order from heaviest to lightest. That ways I know if I'm looking for my tan tank top I head to the last section on the right and go in color coded order to find it.

Continuing on with hanging items...

I have one pair of black dress pants.

Then all my dresses- I tend to get rid of dresses if I know I won't wear again. I only keep dresses that I love to wear often.

I also keep my old prom dresses and a garment bag at the end of my closet. I have worn both prom dresses as Halloween costumes in the past- so I have definitely gotten my use out of them!

On the bottom rack I have all of my skirts and a few pairs of nicer pants.

I also have two bins on a shelf in my closet that hold all my t-shirts. These are t-shirts that I only wear for working out or bedtime. 

Then I have clothes in my dresser as well, although I won't be showing you the top drawer =)

I keep socks organized into soft slipper socks and regular white socks keeping them separated on two different sides. I would like to get a drawer divider for this drawer at some point.

I keep my jeans on the ends of the third drawer, and my black pants for work in the middle.

My fourth drawer is all my sweatpants and workout pants.

Then my last drawer is shorts. I keep them organized into jean shorts, other colored shorts, and then the shorts I have worn during painting projects in the last pile.

I think that it's so important to keep all your clothes categorized so you are able to find things when you need them. I swear it saves me so much time and is so worth it.

I also suggest leaving your hangers in the same place when you take clothes off them, that way you know exactly where to put them back. It makes putting clothes away a much quicker process as well.

So that's how I organize my clothes. How do you organize yours?

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