Monday, March 10, 2014

Purses, Bags and Other Accessories!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I am sharing how I organize all of my accessories. This includes my purses, bags, scarves, shoes, etc. I have really made an effort to (like my clothing) get rid of anything that I don't use. I don't want an excess of items I never pull out of my closet, I can't imagine why anyone would!

I hang all my bags and purses from shower curtain rings. This system has worked great for me because it is an inexpensive way to hang these purses and also keeps them organized. If I find that I haven't been using a bag recently I do donate it or try to sell it on Ebay. With the exception of the purse I am currently carrying, these are all of my purses!

I love to wear scarves, but I often buy them on sale and find that I have a ton of similar scarves. I now have about 10 and have made sure that they are different colors so I don't have any that are too similar. I keep them corralled in this bin, if they don't fit in the bin then it is time to go through them.

I keep some of my shoes inside this pink milk crate. I use this crate for all my flats and flip flops.

This has been working well for me since I like them to be all corralled in one location.

I keep my boots all standing up against the side wall of my closet. You can see that a pair is missing because of the paper towel rolls. I use paper towel rolls inside all my boots in order to keep them standing upright. This helps them maintain their shape and is an easy cost-free method. 

The remainder of my shoes live on this shoe rack. I bought this years ago and mainly keep my heels on its shelving. This rack used to be filled but I managed to weed through my heels and get rid of quite a few. I like that there is a little room to grow!

I keep my hats, gloves, and belts inside this bin. I contain them all inside, but I don't make a big fuss out of it because I really don't have that many of each in here.

My last accessory bin is my bathing suit bin. Now this is one I really need to weed through. I just purchased a new suit for this summer (due to tan line issues with strapless bridesmaid dresses) but I know that there are a ton of bathing suits in this bin, many of which may not fit me anymore or may not be my type anymore. I like to keep my bathing suits separate from my other accessories so I can grab one quickly if it's time to head to the beach or the pool!

How do you store your accessories?

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