Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring Cleaning: Organizing and Deep Cleaning the Laundry Room

I decided to organize and deep clean our laundry room yesterday. This is a room that gets little love for the big job it does. In a room that's working so hard to get things clean, it deserves a little more cleaning love!

This was the state of our laundry room:

So, I started off by emptying out each section of the cabinets and wiping down the inside. I made sure that each item went back in a similar location so that way no one would be searching for a specific product.

Looks so much better right?

When I climbed on top of the dryer to dust the top of the cabinet it made me wonder if anyone had ever dusted up there before….

I'm sure the dryer lint has something to do with that mess but nevertheless it is a little embarrassing!

So much cleaner and nicer!

I did the same thing with this cabinet- taking everything out, wiping everything down and putting everything back in neatly in a similar location.

I also found some change, which I figured was my payment for cleaning up!

 Sigh. So much better!

I also wiped down all the baseboards, cleaned out the sink, and cleaned out our sample bin where something had leaked. I'm very pleased with this clean up!

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