Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Couponing Wrapup!

So many amazing deals this week!

I started off on Sunday at Walmart….

4 Windex touch up cleaners @ $3.47 each
used two Buy one get one free coupons, making them $1.73 each, $6.94 total.

 2 Ocean Potion sunscreens @ $3.97 each (I couldn't find the smaller ones)
used two $2 coupons, making them $1.97 each, $3.94 total.

2 Almay Makeup Removing Pads @ $1.14 each
used $5/2 coupon, making them a $2.72 Money Maker!

Rimmel Nailpolish @ $1.50
used a $1 off 1 coupon, making it 50 cents!

Schar Wafer Cookies @ $1.64
used a $3 off 1 coupon, making this a $1.36 Money Maker!

Clear Shampoo and Conditioner @ $4.98 each
used 2 $1 off 1 coupons, making these $3.98 each, $7.96 total.

2 Herbal Essence body washes @ $2.47 each
used 2 $1/1 coupons, making them $1.47 each, $2.94 total!

I spent $21.03 including tax for all these 14 products, making them approximately $1.50 each, not bad!

Then at Stop and Shop

1 Cheez It Snack Cup @ $1.29
on sale for $1
will be getting total back from SavingStar! FREE!

Neuro Sleep in MellowMango @ $2.69
on sale for $2
used a FREE coupon, cashier deducted entire $2.69, making this a 69 cent Money Maker!

2 Purex2 Laundry Detergent @ $3.85 each or $7.70 total
used two 75 cents off 1 coupons, making each one $3.10, $6.20 total
I also am still finishing up the SavingStar deal, so I should be getting $5 back from this!

I spent $5.58 including tax for these 4 items, making each one approximately $1.39 each.

On Wednesday I had some grocery shopping to do.

At Stop and Shop….

Bananas $1
Store Savings 43 cents
SavingStar 20% credit, 11 cents
Final Price 46 cents

Land O' Lakes American Cheese $8
Store Savings $1.50
Final Price $6.75

Honey ham $11.20

Oreos $5.39
Store Savings $1.40
Final Price $3.99

Mutigrain English Muffins $2.49
Store Savings 50 cents
Final Price $1.99

Kraft Mac and Cheese 5 Pack $5.79
Store Savings 60 cents
Coupon Used $1/1
Final Price $3.99

Covergirl Mascara (clearance) $4.24
Coupon used $1/1
Final Price $3.24

Poland Springs Water $4.79
Store Savings $1.30
Final Price $3.49

Natures Promise Milk $6.79
Ibotta Credit for 50 cents
Final Price $6.29

Bounce Dryer Sheets $6.79
Coupon used 20 cents off one
Coupon doubled
Final Price $6.39

2 Reddi Wip $5.39 each

Natures Promise Mozzarella Cheese $4.19

Total Paid $64.13 after tax. Not a great trip, but I didn't plan it at all so it wasn't as bad as it could've been.

Then I quickly ran in  CVS...

1 Just The Basics Paper Towels 79 cents
used 79 cent coupon
Final Price FREE

Zarbees Seasonal Relief $7

Used $4.99 in ECB, paid $2.50 out of pocket (49 cents was tax).

Received $7 back in ECBs! (Everything was basically free minus tax)

Yesterday I headed into Connecticut to get a few deals at a nearby mall.

I went into Harbor Freight because I recently discovered that there are a ton of free items to be found there.

1 Paint Brush 89 cents
1 Tape Measure, regularly priced at $6.99
used a coupon to get this FREE!

I paid 95 cents including tax, which I thought was great! I will be stopping by Harbor Freight more often since free tools will be great to have on hand for future gifts!

I ran into the mall quickly to get an amazing deal at Bath and Body Works

Foaming Hand Soap $6.50
used a coupon for a free hand soap (from a Facebook offer)

At Target I purchased some items for super cheap!

Qtip 30 count 97 cents
used 75 cent off Target coupon
Final Price 22 cents!

Letter opener $1.89
on clearance for 56 cents

Document Holder $1

File Case $1

Total Paid $2.96

For the items I purchased on Thursday, the total cost of all these items was $20.34, but I paid only $3.91!

How was your couponing this week?

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