Monday, March 3, 2014

Winter Empties

I know winter isn't officially over or anything, but I'm here to share my winter empties! I have saved all of my products as I've finished them up during December, January and February so I can give you an honest review on each one. I am a big believer that if someone has taken the time to finish up the entirety of a product, they can give you a pretty honest review on it. I also love watching these types of videos on youtube, so sharing it here on my blog is a lot of fun for me!

I had two overflowing BBW bags holding all my empties this season.

See? Overflowing. Insane amounts of products!

Lets start off with the lotions...

Magiacotti Ocean Lotion is one of my favorites. The smell is soothing and lovely and being an ocean girl it is one my all-time faves. I received another bottle of this for Christmas and I'm sure I will be using it up shortly.
Victoria's Secret Pink Warm and Cozy Lotion is another of my favorite scents. It's so nice smelling- they say it's warm peony and toasted vanilla, but I think it just smells cozy and sweet. I previously used up a body spray in this scent and would purchase the whole line without question if I needed any products (which I don't….)
Philosophy Sweet Talk Lotion is something that I've been hanging onto for a long time. It smells delicious- just like a sweet candy heart scent. I am still working on the coordinating body wash- but I loved this lotion when I paired them together. I don't think they offer this lotion anymore- it was definitely a limited edition- but if it ever pops up again run out and get yourself some, I'm serious!
Gold Bond Lotion This lotion has been almost empty for some time, so it was finally time for me to use up the end of it. I like this lotion- it doesn't smell like anything, but is extremely moisturizing. I would repurchase it, but only if it was free with couponing. I much prefer lotions with a scent!
BBW Honey Sweetheart I didn't care for this scent. I used this lotion in my purse after I received it as a $1 sample at BBW. It took me awhile to use it up because I only used it when I had to. It just wasn't my favorite scent in the world. It smells like sweet tarts but in a sickingly sweet way- not at all like the sweet talk lotion! I would not repurchase this unless you like sweet scents that overwhelm you.
Whish Pomegrante Lotion I reviewed this product in my February Birchbox Review, but I will tell you that I absolutely loved it! I generally don't like the smell of pomegranate, but I made an exception in this case because it is amazing!
Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion I made a point this season to use up some of my sample size lotions. This one was okay, it didn't have a scent at all but was nice and moisturizing. I don't know that I would repurchase this unless it was on sale or free. I wouldn't pay money for an unscented lotion.
Gold Bond Lotion This sample size was just like the larger size I explained above. Unscented by moisturizing.
Burts Bees Lotion I was NOT a fan of the smell of this lotion. It smelt awful so I was thankful that there wasn't much to this small sample size. I honestly don't think I could've finished a huge container of it. The lotion itself was so nice though, it made me wish that it had a better scent because I honestly believe that if the smell hadn't been so awful, I would want this lotion!
Comfort Care Essentials Lotion This lotion was disgusting. I picked up this sample in a hotel that I stayed in and just chucked it in my lotion bin. It was so watery that it was almost unusable. I'm not sure if it's even possible to purchase this lotion, but I never would just based on this experience!
Burts Bees Sample Lotion This small sample was another completely watery lotion. No thank you!
Sephora Moisturizing Lotion I didn't want to use this on my face and I'm glad I didn't because it felt really heavy and oily on my skin. I wouldn't purchase this in full size. It was unscented as well.
Casewell and Massey Almond and Aloe Lotion This sample was a really nice lotion. I loved the moisturizing feeling on my skin, however I learned that I am definitely NOT a fan of almond scent. I could never purchase this in full size because I couldn't stand the almond scent!
Jergens Shea Butter Lotion was another lotion that I hated the smell of! I can't even describe to you what the smell was like, it was just weird. I wouldn't purchase this particular scent in the future- that's for sure!
Bodycology Wild Poppy Lotion This lotion had an okay scent, but the lotion itself was very greasy feeling. I like my lotion to seep into my skin, I don't want to feel a layer of it on top!

Now, onto body washes and scrubs...

BBW Night Blooming Jasmine Shower Gel I took forever to FINALLY finish this shower gel and guess what? I hate the scent now. I think it's because it took me forever to finish it and I just got so sick of the smell. However, I do love BBW shower gels and I think they do a great job of getting you clean and moisturizing your skin at the same time. I would repurchase BBW, just in a different scent!
Origins Incredible Spreadable Ginger Body Scrub I have been wanting to try out Origins products forever and finally got the chance! This product did not disappoint my expectations at all. I loved how the scrub worked its way in, but then washed away so gently. It was perfect for a deep exfoliation! I would repurchase in a heartbeat.
Origins Ginger Burst Savory Body Wash I also loved this product paired with the scrub. It was lightweight enough to wash away quickly. The scent was amazing as well- I never realized I liked ginger so much, but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. I would repurchase this product as well.

Only one shave gel this season...

Skintimate Shave Gel Luscious Kiwi Splash I definitely love my Skintimate shave gel, and this scent was just fine for the shower. I enjoyed it, but I'm not too picky about shave gel I will buy whatever is cheap or free!

I only have one completed hand soap (I almost finished another- so close!)...

 BBW Holly Berry Wreath This was a nice scent for the holiday season. I used it through December, finishing it up in early January. I enjoyed it and would repurchase it in future years for holiday use.

I finished up a few bath products...

Lush Rocket Bubble Bar This product made my entire bath purple, but also created quite a few bubbles, which I love to relax in every once in awhile. The scent wasn't my all time favorite, but it also wasn't horrendous. This wouldn't be my first choice when buying bath products from LUSH in the future since there are so many other products I like better, but it isn't a bad choice.
Bath Oils from France While in France I picked up a small bag of bath oils. They were shaped like ducks, whales, stars, moons, etc. I thought they were absolutely adorable but not a huge deal in the tub. I used the five that I picked up in four baths this season and definitely liked them, but I don't feel the need to purchase them again.

I have a problem...

9 Burts Bees Chapsticks Yes. NINE. I have a serious, serious Burts Bees addiction. It's a problem and anyone who has ever come in contact with me in real life will attest to how addicted I truly am. I also have a small stockpile of new ones ready to go. I know, I'm crazy- it's fine.

Ahem. On to hair products...

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Shampoo and Conditioner I liked this shampoo/conditioner set. It really took care of my long hair, making sure that they didn't get too dried out. The scent was fruity which I really enjoyed and is something I would consider repurchasing in the future.
Aveeno Living Color Shampoo and Conditioner This was a nice sample- it smelt nice and helps colored hair, which I have. However, I didn't notice a huge difference in my hair either way so I'm unsure as to if I would purchase it in the future. We will have to see!
Clear Shampoo and Conditioner This is one of my favorite all time shampoo and conditioners. I can't wait till I finish some of the other hair products I have and can go back to this!
Chi Iron Guard This was my all time favorite heat protectant spray. I say "was" because I think I may have found something I like better. However, I do like this spray still and am currently working on another bottle of it.
Oscar Blandi Dry Styling Heat Protectant Spray I love this little sample, it is my new favorite heat protectant. I like that it doesn't saturate my hair and it smells amazing. It makes my hair incredibly smooth and I have already repurchased it.


Cotton Rounds This is what I always use to take off my nail polish. I'm not picky I just tend to buy whatever is the cheapest!
CareOne Nail Polish Remover I love this nail polish remover, it is cheap and works great- taking off all the nail polish on my nails.
LaFresh Nail Polish Pads I already reviewed these in a previous Birchbox review, but I will say again that these didn't work for me. One was not enough to take off all ten nails, so it would not be worth it to use them for me.

In the mascara world...

LashFusion XL Mascara I wish I could give a better review on this product, but it was completely dried up when I received it in my Birchbox! Not good!
Benefit's They're Real Mascara This mascara was awesome. It was dry enough so I could use it nicely on my lashes but it didn't clump. I would repurchase this without question in the future.
Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara This mascara was too wet, it was definitely not my cup of tea. I would never repurchase it and couldn't even finish the mascara because it was just ending up all over my face!
100% Pure Mascara I liked this mascara better as it dried out. At first it was wet and clumpy and I was not a fan, but after a couple of weeks I managed to use it and enjoyed how well it was working for me. I was not a fan of the black tea smell, I think I just don't like my mascara to smell like anything but mascara!

As for perfumes….

Axe Anarchy Perfume I did like this perfume a lot. It was a nice sweet scent, the scent description says that it is a mix of fruity, floral and other scents such as sandalwood. I thought the mix was really pleasant and it would be a perfume that I would love to own full size, but I don't actually need perfume right now =)
Viva La Juicy Noir Perfume I was not a huge fan of this Juicy Couture perfume. It was a mix of sandalwood and florals and I thought that it was just too much for me! I like subtle scents and this was definitely not one!
Folle de Joie Perfume This is a heavier nighttime scent for sure. It was a heavy scent with lots of floral notes that my nose just could not handle. I had trouble finishing this sample because it was not something that I would normally wear.
BBW Pink Chiffon Perfume I loved this perfume. It was a sweet scent, almost like a candy fragrance. I was amazed that I actually managed to finish an entire perfume. I loved this amazing perfume and I would purchase it again in a heartbeat.
Fabulous by Issac Mizrahi Perfume Another scent that was sweet, but not my favorite. I really smelt the vanilla which I liked but there was to many other pieces to this fragrance and it made it too much for me.
Couture LaLa Perfume This was another perfume that was a heavier scent then I would normally wear. The scent description says it's a mix of sparkling mandarin and bold white florals. I am not a huge fan of really floral scents, so I will not purchase this in a full size.
Very Hollywood Michael Kors Perfume I didn't enjoy this perfume that much- I was really ready to be done with this sample! It was another heavy scent, and just wasn't my style! I'll stick with the perfumes I have in my collection.

Lush Celestial Moisturizer This was one of my all time favorite moisturizers! I have been through several of these containers and will repurchase this in the future.
Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream I really liked this cream, it was extremely moisturizing. I thought it was a little bit thicker then I normally like to wear on my face, but I would use another sample if I was given the opportunity.
G-1 Boys and Girls Face Cream I thought this face cream was nice as well, I like my regular face moisturizers better then this one. I would try this out again though!
Grand Central Beauty SMARK Skin Perfecting Polisher I used this under my moisturizer for awhile and thought that it was okay. I don't think it did anything really amazing for my skin though, in fact I didn't notice any difference in my skin at all. I would not purchase the full size of this product since I didn't feel it did much!
Boscia Soothing Cleansing Cream This was a very soothing cleanser that I used to watch my face. It was definitely a soothing feeling, no crazy tingly feeling that I get from my Neutrogena cleanser. I would repurchase this in the future- but I also enjoy my Neutrogena one so I am a little torn!
MetroGel This is my newest addition to my facial routine. I need to use this in order to control my Roscea. It has made a huge difference in the redness of my skin.
Paula's Choice Resist Super Antioxidance Concentrate Serum This was another product where I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin. I won't purchase this full size!
Derma-e Soothing Cleanser, Derma-e Soothing Serum, Derma-e Soothing Moisturizing Creme This is another sample that I don't think I need the full size of. This trio was from a Birchbox and something that really did nothing positive for my skin.

BBW Paris Amour PocketBac I love keeping these pocketbacs in my purse. I use these all the time at work when I'm around kids and need to sanitize my hands quickly! I am constantly purchasing these in tons of different scents.

Tom's Deodorant in Apricot I HATE HATE HATE this deodorant. I don't care for the apricot scent anyways so I don't know why I even bought it. I thought the scent was disgusting and honestly the deodorant didn't seem to hold up that well. I felt like I had to keep reapplying it throughout the day and I didn't like that. I will never buy this again!
Tom's Deodorant Unscented This deodorant at least didn't have the yucky apricot scent, but it still didn't work that well. I won't be purchasing this again either!

BBW Marshmallow Peppermint Candle This candle had absolutely no scent throw. I was so irritated that it didn't make my room smell nice! The candle itself was a nice enough smell, I just wish that I was able to have the room smell like it! I'm not sure that they make this candle anymore but I don't think that I would repurchase it if they do!
BBW Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Candle I liked the scent of this candle a lot! It smelt like cookies which of course I loved. The scent throw wasn't great, but maybe that is something that just happens with the small BBW candles.
Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Candle This candle is one I received as a gift and I LOVE burning it around Christmas time. I think it smells like sugar cookies being decorated around Christmas time and it always makes me happy! I will repurchase this in the future for sure!
BBW Vanilla Bean Noel Candle I was disappointed that this candle didn't have a huge scent throw! I wanted it to be nicer then it was, however I think the candle itself smells amazing!
BBW Tis The Season Candle This is one of my favorite candles of all times. It is so spicy and is definitely the candle I will repurchase first when I need a new candle!
Jolly Rancher Berry Blue Candle I was pleasantly surprised by this candle. I didn't expect it to smell so nicely, however I found that I enjoyed it so much! It was a real fruity scent which I was surprised I actually liked. I don't even know if this candle exists anymore because I've had it forever but I would definitely repurchase this again!
Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Candle You can see my review above^^^
Diamond Candle Islande Getaway Candle I love Diamond Candles! I swear that soy candles are the way to go. They always burn the nicest and smell the best! This candle was extremely relaxing and reminded me of being on a tropical vacation, something I love to be reminded of.

That's it for my winter empties! What products have you used up lately?

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