Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How To Save Money: Shopkick

This week during my how to save money series, I want to share just one app that has changed the life of my phone as I know it! This beautiful app is called Shopkick.

Shopkick is an amazing app with so many ways to earn. On the app you are accumulating "kicks" or points in order to earn rewards. Every day when you open up the app you have the opportunity to earn a daily kick. Some days I open up the app and receive a one kick, yesterday I opened it and received three, you just never know!

When you walk into one of the listed stores on the Shopkick app (Walmart, CVS, JcPenney, Old Navy, etc..) you can earn kicks for just walking inside! Simply open the app and stand in the store's entrance for a moment or two until the app recognizes where you are. Then you can earn the allotted number of kicks for that store. The other day I earned 40 kicks for just walking into Target.

Another way to earn kicks is scanning products when you're inside a store. Whenever I'm grocery shopping or shopping in general, I open Shopkick to see if there are any products I can scan. You simply select the store you're inside and when you find the product you want to scan, you hold the bar code up to your camera and the app will check to make sure the bar code matches. If they are a match, you will earn kicks for just scanning the products! As you can see above, they are usually around 25 kicks which is great since you can earn 100 kicks for every four products you scan.

Now you are probably wondering what kind of rewards you can get for this app...

Right now I'm saving up for a $500 gift card (aka an iPad) I have to save up a ridiculous amount of points in order to earn an iPad, but I have previously received a reward. When I had 500 kicks, I traded them for a $5 Target gift card which was great to use on one of my couponing trips. There are all sorts of items you can redeem your kicks for; from gift cards, to cruises, to vespas, there is something for everyone!

If you are interested in joining Shopkick and earning rewards, just click here!

Have a great day everybody!

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