Thursday, April 3, 2014

Project 365: Week 13

Happy Thursday everybody! It's that time again…time to wrap up another week of Project 365!

Day 86 was a GREAT couponing haul, which you can see here.

Day 87 I checked the weather and honestly, it looked promising. Rain is better then snow.

I headed out for some dinner and drinks with co-workers on day 88. The six of us headed to Applebees for dinner and then five of us went to a local bar called The Malted Barley for drinks. It was great to be able to chat with people I see every day outside of work.

On Day 89 I spent a relaxing morning doing some couponing then went to dinner with my friend Kristin.

I decided to post a picture of my latest tv show obsession on day 90. I started watching Veronica Mars on Amazon prime (for free) and I love it. I am also totally obsessed with Logan Echolls by the way, even though I frequently go from loving him to hating him episode by episode. Can't match his quick wit *sigh*

On day 91 I spent some time starting to clean out our garage, which I actually shared here.

Day 92: Usually on Wednesday's I attend a local trivia game with some friends. We ended up scoring 65 points for first place which was great. We frequently do well since it seems that all of us have very diverse interests and knowledge. If there is trivia in your area I highly recommend it, we always have a great time!

What did you do this week?!

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