Thursday, April 10, 2014

Project 365: Week 14

Another week has gone by already! Here's how it went around here…

Day 93 was a very long day at work, and this little girl was all riled up when I finally got home from work. As you can see she also desperately needed a haircut =)

On day 94 I took a nice long walk down the beach with my favorite puppy. It was extremely chilly but I always love a good walk down the beach! I am definitely a beach girl and need to be by the ocean all the time!

My parents came home from Florida and as a thank you for watching the house and taking care of the dog, they each brought me back a piece of jewelry. I love them both! The dragonfly from my dad reminds me of my grandma, and the bracelet my mom picked reminds me how lucky I am to have such great parents (the side says "you are cherished") and is prefect to wear with my Alex and Anis. A great surprise on day 95.

Day 96, we went for a nice ride around town which Roxy loved. It was nice to be out and about just driving aimlessly. My mom and I love to just take the dog for a ride and drive around!

On day 97 I had a big interview and was crossing my fingers for good luck. It was a great interview process, but that's all I can say about that one...

Day 98,  I ran over a huge rock and was extremely lucky to have my very talented brother waiting at home to change my slashed tire. He really is the best brother I could ask for!

After a rough day 99, I was happy to come home to this sweet face. =)

How was your week?

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