Thursday, April 24, 2014

Project 365: Week 16

This has been an awesome week for me, mostly because I've been on vacation from work for most of it! Here's what has been going on around here:

On Thursday, Day 107 I had quite a few errands to run, one of which was picking up my bridesmaid dress for my friend Brittni's wedding! I now have two bridesmaid dresses hanging up in my closet, which is a good reason to get out and be active everyday....

On Friday, day 108 I was shocked to receive an e-mail that said I'm in the top 2% of CVS shoppers! I do buy a lot of stuff there, but I don't pay for most of it =)

After work on day 109 I headed out for a 3 mile hike with two friends from work, Kaitlin and Laura. It was great to get out and get some exercise and get a chance to chat with both of them!

Day 110 was Easter Sunday and I talked quite a bit about it during Sunday's post.

On Day 111, I spent quite a bit of the day working on a painting project that will be featured in one of next week's blog posts...can you guess what it is?!

The morning of Day 112 was spent in the waiting room of my local Toyota dealership getting my car fixed. Boring! However, since it was Earth day, I managed to get outside in the afternoon to pick up some trash and take a walk with my mom, which was great after all the sitting.

Photo: Day 113, I have to pee. But first, let me take a selfie. #project365

Day 113: I played trivia with my regular team- one of which is my best friend since 1st grade. Gotta love friendships that last a lifetime =)

How was your week?

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