Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Cleaning and Organizing: Bathroom Spring Cleaning

This weekend I decided to take on the bathroom that my brother and I share. There wasn't a ton to be done, but I knew there were a few products I wanted to pass on to other people. I also wanted a chance to clean up all my bathroom drawers and get everything organized and sanitized.

Here's where I started:

This section of the medicine cabinet is my brothers, so other then some overflowing hand soap, there's nothing in here that concerns me or has anything to do with me.

The middle section has a bunch of my hand soaps and a few shampoos and face products.

This section is what I consider "my side" I keep as many items on these shelves as I can fit in this section. Shampoos, conditioners, bath products, soaps, and face products.

This my top drawer- just toothpaste and toothbrushes mostly.

The second drawer holds bath products, some extra body washes, and other random products.

The bottom drawer holds all feminine products and a few tissues.

Now here's what happened.

The first section of the cupboard remained the same. The second cupboard lost a few products. I had a couple things I wanted to pass on, including an Origins Charcoal Mask. I used it once and didn't care for the way it made my face feel.

The third section changed a little bit as well. I ditched all my Tresemme products since I can't stand them. So those have all been taken out of my cabinet, which is great since that clears up a little bit of room. I also know that if I won't be using them someone else would definitely appreciate them more.

I just cleaned up my toothbrush/toothpaste drawer since it tends to get a little junky.

I took a few items out of this drawer. I replaced my shower cap with a new one and took my shampoo and conditioner samples and moved them to the shower so I would use them sooner.

I only took a before picture of the underneath of the cabinet (keeping it real over here!) but I didn't get rid of anything, just simply tidied it up a little bit. I turned the towels around to make the pile a little bit neater. I moved around the cleaning supplies, shower gels and mouthwashes to create a cleaner look as well.

Now, I have a bag of products to donate and feel like everything is just a little bit neater! Now I encourage you to sort through your products and donate the ones you aren't using.

As you know I am participating in Less Stuff, Less Stress this year and trying to use up products I currently own rather then buying new ones and I'm also working on cleaning out the clutter in my closet, drawers, and life!

This bag will definitely count towards my Less Stuff, Less Stress total!

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