Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Cleaning and Organizing: Tidying Up In The Garage

Today I'm going to share a little bit of the organization and cleaning that went into tidying up our garage this weekend. But first….

Yes, this little man (or woman?) has taken residence in our rock wall. A family of woodchucks has lived here for years and I saw this little guy and one of his friends hanging out by the wall a week ago and decided to snap some pictures. In case you were wondering, woodchucks are not the friendliest animals in the world =)

Since both cars were cleared out of the garage, I decided it was time to give it a good sweeping. I didn't go too crazy, but got the majority of the dirt out of the garage. Last year I used the shop-vac to clean out the garage and perhaps on a day when I feel overly motivated I will vacuum underneath the shelves and give the garage a deeper clean, but that certainly didn't occur this weekend.

I hate pulling into the garage and seeing a mess in front of me, it literally makes me twitch! I decided that my biggest project was to organize this disaster. All the shovels, rakes, and other cleaning tools needed permanent homes. They needed to be organized and all the little tools needed to be separated so they didn't look so messy.

Taking everything out was the first step.

Then it was time to clean everything. Honestly a good wipe down goes a long way in such a dirty area!

I took the time to place everything neatly, notice how everything stands upright and is spaced out enough to give each tool some room to breathe. I don't want it to be a struggle to pull anything out, and I certainly don't want it to end up like it was before. Hopefully that problem has been solved now!

As for the little tools? They now live in this small bucket where they no longer crowd the bigger tools. They all fit rather nicely and the pink flamingo takes up residence separating the bigger tools from the smaller tools.

Although there are other areas of the garage that could certainly use some work, I feel accomplished by creating an organized section right in the center.

Is your garage organized?

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