Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Siren by Kiera Cass

Last week I was obsessed with reading The Siren by Kiera Cass. I started it while I was waiting for my car to get serviced, and then ended up staying up until two in the morning in order to find out what happened. Books and I have such a love/hate relationship. I love to read, but I hate loosing sleep =)

The Siren by Kiera Cass is an amazing novel and after a slow beginning, it had me hooked. The novel is centered around a girl named Kahlen. Kahlen is a siren and lives and works for the Ocean, she is one of a few girls who has the task of bringing down ships in order to curb the Ocean's appetite. Kahlen (along with her sisters) is deadly to humans and cannot speak in front of humans or else will lure them to their death. Kahlen is discontent but willing to serve her 100 years in order to be granted a real life once she is done. That is, until she meets Akinli.

I found the beginning of the book a little slow as Kahlen shared the experiences she had with her sisters, however once she met Akinli and a love story began I was hooked. I love a good love story =)

The ending was just as I wanted it to be, I was content and thrilled that everything turned out just the way I wanted it to. Would I recommend this book? Absolutely. If you love a good love story and you love novels that allow crazy things to be happening in our normal, boring world- I would definitely recommend it to you.

I do have to say though, that it was a little difficult to get started reading since there is so much going on, trying to figure out why Kahlen is in this position and what her relationship with the Ocean is. There's also quite a long time line from the beginning to the end of the book, which at first makes it difficult to follow, but once things slow down at the end, everything falls into place.

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Have you read any good books lately?

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