Friday, May 30, 2014

Weekly Couponing Wrapup

There are not a ton of great deals this week, but on Sunday I stopped in at both CVS and Rite Aid in order to cash in on a few deals..


2 Crest Pro Health Mouthwashes @ $4.99 each
used (2) $1/1 coupons, making each one $3.99
Received an $8 ECB back
Each one after rewards was a 1 cent Moneymaker!

1 case of water @ $2.22

I used $10 in ECBs.

I paid 61 cents out of pocket and received $8 in ECB! Great deal!

Next, at Rite Aid

2 Hershey's Milk Chocolate 6 pack @ $5.49 each
used $2/2 coupon from the newspaper
used $1/2 Rite Aid coupon
Making this $7.98 for both packs of chocolate.

1 case of water
The cashier scanned this case of water, but when I checked my receipt I wasn't charged for it... So although I feel bad about it- It was nice to get it for free.

I used $6 in +Ups, then paid $2.75 out of pocket.

Not a great Sunday of couponing, but not too bad!

For free samples this week I got a few great things!

These Crest 3D white strips are crazy expensive so I was excited to get this free sample as well as a $10 coupon!

My package of Tums came with two different samples, with coupons to match.

There were three Kate Somerville samples which I can't wait to try!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Project 365: Week 21

Good morning everyone!

Day 142:  One of my students made me a flower clip for hair. It was the cutest thing. Then at the end of class she told me that I should water it =)

Day 143 I posted a video of Roxy digging around in her bed which is the cutest thing, but this picture will have to do it justice here on the blog. (you can always check out my instagram to see the video)

Day 144 I went to my cousins recital. Cailean and Annabel did such a great job, and my Uncle Craig was in the dad dance, which was hilarious. 

On day 145, I headed up to Providence to do trivia, where we won a bottle of wine! There were some great questions, and I always love playing trivia =)

Day 146 was a nice day off! I ended it by watching the Bachelorette- hoping that my team would do well =)

Day 147- I finally started scrapbooking my France trip!

Day 148. I had a lovely lunch at Applebees with my friend Kristin. I love days off!

How was your week?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Spring Fling Vox Box from Influenster

I received my Spring Fling Vox Box complimentary from Influenster in order to try out a few products. This was my first vox box and I was so excited to receive it last week in the mail.

There was an amazing array of products in this vox box, but some items I was more excited about then others.

Who likes to pay for tampons? Not me... so I was thrilled to get a 16 pack for free.

This peach pie air freshener was to advertise for the movie Labor Day which is out on DVD. It actually smells pretty good, but I've hung it in my closet instead of my car. I really want to see Labor Day as well so that will definitely be on my to-watch list.

I love trying new mascaras so I was excited to find this Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara inside! This will be the next mascara I use when my current one dries up.

I am a huge lotion-lover so I will be putting this Nivea Skin Firming Hydration body lotion in my stockpile to use!

The last item in my box is kiss nails that I'm not entirely sure about. I'm not a huge fake nails person but I will try these out. I prefer to paint my own nails, but if I know that I have them I will definitely try them out.

If you are interested in becoming an Influenster and receiving boxes you can check out their website here.

These items were received for free from Influenster for my review. I was not compensated in any way for this post.

DIY: Staining The Deck Railings

Last weekend I took to calling my dad "Tom Sawyer", which is because he tricked me into helping him paint the deck railings and then took off for a meeting! (Don't worry, he did come back eventually)

I just wanted to give you a quick visual of how much just a layer of paint can change the look of the deck. I was really impressed with how it looked afterwards.

Now here are a few before pictures:

Not great right?! The railings look weathered and old, which makes everything just seem blah!

Now check out the after pictures:

So much better right?! I think that a simple change in the railing color changed the whole look of this deck. Without the weathered look, everything looks so much brighter and newer.

The last time the deck was done a few years ago, a different product was used. This time we are hoping that it will last much longer since we used Behr Deckover.

Now, you know me- do you think I managed to keep myself clean?

Of course not! =)

Did you do any jobs outside this weekend?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May Birchbox

So, my birchbox was extremely late this month which was such a bummer. On Saturday when I arrived home, I got the mail and realized that my Birchbox had finally arrived and I was pumped to open it up.

I thought that the box this month was really cute. I love the design on the inside, as well as the yellow tissue paper holding the items. It's nice to have a different feel to the box.

The first item I saw was my "lifestyle extra" from the Greenleaf Candle co. This candle is in the scent first blush. This is a cute little candle that smells very floral. It isn't my first choice in scent, but I love candles and was thrilled to find one in my box.

Since summer is coming I always can use another sunscreen sample. This Cotz product is a face natural skin tone in SPF 40 which will be great to use this summer in lieu of foundation!

I received a shampoo and conditioner from Beauty Protector. I love getting shampoo and conditioner samples so I will definitely be trying these out soon.

The last item in my Birchbox is Pixi shea butter lip balm in the color coral crush. I'm not a huge lip color girl but I will test this out.

That's what I received in my birchbox, what did you get in yours this month?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everybody!


I just wanted to take a minute to thank all the past, current and future heroes of our country. We are so lucky to live in a free country.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and are taking some time to relax and enjoy time off. I will be back with the regularly scheduled program tomorrow.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekly Couponing Wrapup!

Wow! It was a great week for couponing around here, and I hear that next week is going to be great as well- check out your ads!

My first trip this week was to CVS on Monday...

2 Dove Chocolate Bars @ 77 cents each
coupon for $1 off 2
making them 54 cents total.

2 St Ives Scrubs @ $4.69
on sale buy one get one 50% off, one for $4.69 and one for $2.34
two coupons for $1 off 1
making them $5.03 total then received $3 back in ECB

2 Neutrogena soaps @ $3.49 each
1 Neutrogena makeup wipes @ $7.49
making them $14.47 total
used $4 off $20 facial care coupon (combined this deal- with the st ives in order to use it)
$10.47 total- then received $10 back in ECB

4 Revlon eyeshadows $3.39 each
used 4 $2/1 coupons
used coupon for $2 off $10 Revlon purchase (from MCM)
making them 89 cents each and received $4 back in ECB

Case of Water (unpictured) $3.99

Used $10 off $40 purchase coupon as well as a $10 ECB

Paid $6.15 out of pocket, received $17 back in ECB!

Then at Rite Aid...

Infusium Miracle Leave In Spray @ $4.99
used $2 coupon, making it $2.99
received $2 back in +Up Rewards

2 Lancaster Caramels @ $3 each
used 2 coupons for $1.50 off each
used $1 Rite Aid coupon, making them $2 total
received $1 back in +Up Rewards

I threw in the Kitkat because my total was in the negative..

I also used $5 in +Up Rewards to cover my total.

I paid $1.75, and received $3 back in +Up Rewards

I received a few free samples this week, from Poise and BzzAgent. I got a Beyonce perfume to test out as well as Dr. Scholls high heel inserts- exciting!

Then I did a huge couponing haul on Wednesday:

-Free scissors from Harbor Freight
-Free lotion from Bath and Body Works


2 Reddi Whips @ $1.98 each
used a 50 cent off coupon
$1.48  for one, $1.98 for the other

2 Oscar Meyer Franks @ $2.98 each
used $1 off two coupon
$4.96 total

Land O Lakes Butter @ $1.98

3 Nivea Cremes @ $2.72
used three $2/1 coupons
72 cents each, $2.16 total

Wet and Wild Nail polish @ 93 cents
used $1/1 coupon
7 cent MM

Batteries @ 97 cents
used $3 off coupon
$2.03 MM

Lemi Shine Dishwasher Detergent @ $5.97
Had a try me free coupon on it, will apply for rebate and it will be FREE

12 Ceaser Dog Food @ 70 cents each
Used 4 $1 off 3 coupons
37 cents each, $4.44 total

I paid $25.54 total, not bad!


2 Colgate toothbrushes @ $6.99 each
Used two $2 coupons
$9.98 total

also used $5 ECB

Paid $5.61 out of pocket

Received $6 back in ECB

Stop & Shop

8 Lipton Pasta Sides @ $1 each
used (4) $1 off 2 coupons
Each one 50 cents!

Wonka candy box @ $1.49
used coupon for free Wonka candy

Deli Ham @ $8.51

$12.51 total!


1 Method Shower Cleaner @ $3.19

1 Book @ $16.99

3 Revlon Nail Files @ $1.27 each
used (3) $1 coupons, 
making each one 27 cents each, 81 cents total!

Nail Clipper @ $2.89
used $1 coupon, and $1 Target coupon
89 cents total!

Clearance Candle @ $4.98

Clearance Markers @ $1.74

Clearance Markers @ $1.84

3 Swiffer Refills @ $9.99 each
used three $1 off 1 coupons
making them $26.97 total, $8.99 each
Received a $10 Target gift card back.

Paid $61.22 total, not exactly what I wanted to pay, but I got quite a few items and a bunch of items I picked up without coupons!

So it was a great week overall- I can't wait for next weeks deals!
How'd you do this week?

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Project 365: Week 20

This was a busy busy week around here! 

This was a tough week for our favorite furry friend. Roxy was brought to the vet on day 135 and we found out that she is now blind. We knew it was coming, but it was still hard to watch her stumble into things. However, she seems to be adjusting really well and she will be just fine! Love this little girl!

Day 136 was a busy day! After work I headed to CT to celebrate my BFFLs birthday! Rachel had a group of friends meet up at a hotel and then head to the casino for her birthday. I didn't go to the casino since I had work so early in the morning- but it was great to spend some time with her beforehand!

Oh goodness. On day 137 Laura and I agreed to chaperone a slumber party at work. 10 teenage girls who won't go to sleep?! Needless to say I didn't sleep AT ALL that night....

Day 138, feeling very tired...I stopped by Rachel's parents house to wish her an official happy birthday and deliver her gifts! Then I headed home to rest and relax, and try to catch up on my sleep!

Day 139. Still not caught up on sleep. A large afternoon coffee was necessary!

Day 140- The Voice finale! I have to admit, the singing doesn't thrill me like the interactions between the coaches! I love Shakira, Usher, Adam and Blake together!

During a ton of couponing I found this pretty candle on clearance at Target. I have a candle buying problem- but it's so pretty! =)

How was your week?!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

Everyone who has ever read The Fault in our Stars by John Green told me I needed to read it. I put it on my to-read list and ignored it for over two years. I knew it was about cancer, I knew it would make me sad and I wanted to avoid the imminent depression that I assumed it would bring.  Then last Tuesday I gave in.

Not only is The Fault in our Starts about cancer and hope, it's a love story. I found Hazel to be an amazing narrator. She had me laughing at her inappropriate comments, sighing in frustration when those around her upset her, and falling in love with Augustus as quickly as she did. Besides just learning about the extraordinary amount of strength these characters had, John Green shared their quirkiness with readers which was even more of a gift. Hazel was one of those characters that I related to without actually having anything in common with. She told her story and I was hooked from beginning to end.

Augustus (Gus) was an amazing character in this story. He of course had his faults but seemed like the ultimate perfect match for Hazel. The two of them connected on a level that other people in their world just couldn't understand, and it was fantastic. I knew something was wrong when Hazel and Gus were in Amsterdam and she put her head on his shoulder, without spoiling it for anybody- I knew what the ending was going to be by just that small moment.

Even though I cried through a good portion of this novel, it will forever be one of my favorite books. If you haven't read it, then please do!

I will leave you with a quote from Hazel Grace Lancaster herself, "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” 

Have a great day everybody!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ikea Baskets: They Fit!!!

Hi everybody!

Sorry yesterdays post went was a long weekend which I will explain in this weeks project 365 post. I still haven't quite caught up on my sleep and have had more then a few reasons to be a little stressed/overwhelmed in the past week! However, today let's talk about something I am totally in love with... my new bookcase!

When we last left off with this little project I had just ordered baskets from Ikea. I had searched everywhere for bins to fit in these cubbies and when I ran out of options I broke down and ordered the baskets from Ikea.

Here's how it looks now:

(Yes I was watching the Bachelorette last night)

So I chose to purchase six baskets because I actually have two matching baskets in my closet that are holding other items right now. If I do decide to use all eight I have them but for now I'm happy with the way six baskets looks!

On the right side of the shelf I store some of my completed scrapbooks. It is so nice to be able to keep them out on a shelf, rather than stored away!

On the left side I have a few more scrapbooks and my coupon binder. My coupon binder is just on this shelf temporarily, but it doesn't look too bad there.

Starting on the top from right to left (which I know is weird- I should go left to right, but oh well!). This basket holds my electronics. Cords, electronic duster, light bulbs, batteries, etc.

Next is extra gifts. These are gifts I bought on sale and want to give people, but don't have a particular person in mind. I will hold onto these as spare gifts if I need them.

Next is health and first aid. In here I have my prescription medicine, contact solution, bandaids, and couponed medicine.

The last basket on the top row is for extra office supplies. Pencils, pens, markers, notebooks, etc all end up in this basket!

In the bottom left basket is the free tools I receive from Harbor Freight and other tools I might have around. I may use these for gifts or use them myself.

Finally, the bottom right basket holds my couponed makeup and other cosmetic items. These are all items that haven't been opened yet and I could potentially use as gifts, or I may use as a back up for myself!

So this shelf holds a ton of items which is great. I love being able to hold a combination of my stockpiled items and other day to day items on one shelf!

I am totally in love with my new set up! =)

Have you made any changes to your house lately?