Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A New Plan...

Hello blogging world! Sorry this post is finding you a little bit late on this Tuesday (or a LOT a bit late!) I have a busy week at work and haven't had a ton of time to do any writing. Plus, I read an entire book today....which could also have gotten in the way! Anyways....

Today I wanted to discuss my tv stand.

Yes, this lovely piece of furniture is technically "borrowed". While painting the rest of my furniture, I learned that this is my parent's tv stand and somehow I just acquired it and was not allowed to paint it white. So I decided I needed a new piece of furniture in its place.

Now, what does it hold inside those cupboards?

Usually my VHS player (which is now working on taping all my old VHS''s on to DVD)

I have a ton of cords, workout DVDs, weights, cleaning supplies, paint, tools, a camcorder, and a bunch of other junk...

So, obviously I need some storage space in my new piece of furniture. I also want the tv stand to be something I could use differently, or in another area of the house someday....

I had been eyeing the Ikea Expedits forever, but they were recently discontinued and they came out with the Kallax unit in its place.

KALLAX Shelving unit IKEA You can use the furniture as a room divider because it looks good from every angle.

I really love the sleek look of this shelf, and the price tag isn't too shabby either. However, there is no Ikea in Rhode Island, and the closest ones are an hour (or more) in either direction. Shipping this item would have cost over $200, not gonna happen!

I started to look into other options, and then I found this baby!

Better Homes and Gardens 8-Cube...

This shelving unit is so similar to Ikea's version! This is the Better Homes and Gardens 8-cube organizer. I read the reviews on Walmart's website and it seems like most people had positive experiences with ordering it, so I'm excited for it to get here next week. I ordered the white version, and paid NO SHIPPING COST! Gotta love the $200+ price difference =)

SO! That's where I'm currently at, waiting for this item to come in, and then I will be figuring out how I want to organize it and what I want to place inside. I think I want to lay it sideways so it will be at a nice height for the tv...but I'm not positive yet!

Have you gotten any new furniture lately? Any new organizing projects on your horizon?

Have a great night everybody, see you early tomorrow morning!

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  1. We LOVE our ikea version, but 200$ is crazy for shipping. I'm sure the Better Homes and Gardens version will be perfect for your room! YAY new furniture :)