Monday, May 5, 2014

April Birchbox Review

I received my Birchbox for April a little over two weeks ago and I have to say that this box has been awesome to try. Almost all the products were something that I was interested in trying and I'm glad I had the opportunity to try these products.

All the products were so tempting from the moment I opened my Birchbox! I actually tried all of the products much earlier then I expected to!

This KIND bar I knew I wasn't interested in eating. I'm sure it was great because my dad actually ate it and gave it a rave review! I do like that it is gluten free since I know several people who have been diagnosed with celiac disease in the last year. So although I didn't actually eat this bar, I can tell you that my dad really liked it and I would be interested to try different flavors in the future- maple pumpkin seeds just isn't my jam...

I had previously tried other shampoo and conditioner from the Davines line, but this was my first time using the Oi line. I can tell you that I was excited to try it, but honestly I hated it. This shampoo and conditioner made my hair so gross and tangly, I was just irritated by it honestly and had to use a ton of product in order to get my hair in any condition to leave the house. I won't ever use this shampoo and conditioner again it just didn't work for my dry, mess of a hair.

This body wash is delightful. I wasn't sure what to expect from the scent description of stimulating sea wrath but it was a nice clean, ocean-y scent. I would purchase a full size of this in the future if I was out of shower gel and needed more (something I actually don't see happening for many years- have you seen my stockpile?)

I was honestly a little frightened to try this eyeliner when I read that technically it was called deep purple. I couldn't picture myself applying purple eyeliner, at all. However, it turns out that while I can tell it's purple as I apply it, it doesn't really appear to be noticeable to anyone else. I also can't differentiate what color it is as I look in the mirror unless I'm looking extremely closely. I don't know that I would ever purchase this eyeliner in the future, but I will definitely use this eyeliner up entirely.

I love my new Color Club nail polish! Oh my, the golden shimmer (which is hard to see in photographs) is beautiful! I have been wearing it on my toenails and seeing how the weather has been a little nicer lately, I've been able to show it off in my flip-flops =)

How did you like your Birchbox (or other subscription box) this month?!

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