Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY: Staining The Deck Railings

Last weekend I took to calling my dad "Tom Sawyer", which is because he tricked me into helping him paint the deck railings and then took off for a meeting! (Don't worry, he did come back eventually)

I just wanted to give you a quick visual of how much just a layer of paint can change the look of the deck. I was really impressed with how it looked afterwards.

Now here are a few before pictures:

Not great right?! The railings look weathered and old, which makes everything just seem blah!

Now check out the after pictures:

So much better right?! I think that a simple change in the railing color changed the whole look of this deck. Without the weathered look, everything looks so much brighter and newer.

The last time the deck was done a few years ago, a different product was used. This time we are hoping that it will last much longer since we used Behr Deckover.

Now, you know me- do you think I managed to keep myself clean?

Of course not! =)

Did you do any jobs outside this weekend?

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