Thursday, May 1, 2014

Project 365: Week 17

Well, after a nice vacation from everything- it was back to work this week. However, since my project 365 weeks start on Thursday's, we're going to relive a little bit of vacation!

On day 114 I received my thank you letter from Pantene Beautiful Lengths thanking me for donating my 8 inches of hair. I did not send in an index card to encourage a thank you letter because I didn't think I needed it. They must have gotten my address from the return address in the corner of the envelope, and I am so thankful because it was nice to receive a thank you for something I did!

On day 115 I took three of my dance students to a competition in East Providence. All three of them were amazing and I could not be more proud of them!

Day 116 I attended girls night at a friends house and provided the entertainment by sharing my Heads Up app (a game by Ellen Degeneres) which was a blast. Everyone seemed to the love the charades game which was great!

Photo: #instacollage Sunday freebies and couponing! Everything here was under $10, most of it was free! #couponproblems #couponersofinstagram #couponinghaul #freebies #freebiehaul day 117 #project365

Day 117 was complete with some couponing and great freebies, which you will see during tomorrow's couponing post!

Monday day 118 was my parents 30th wedding anniversary! The above picture is of the card I picked out for them which I thought was pretty amusing!

Day 119 was a day I was a little stressed out. I desperately needed a laugh so my mom showed me an Ellen Degeneres video of a dog who hates the mail. I loved it! That little dog is nuts!

Day 120... is this not self-explanatory?! =)

How was your week?!

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