Thursday, May 29, 2014

Project 365: Week 21

Good morning everyone!

Day 142:  One of my students made me a flower clip for hair. It was the cutest thing. Then at the end of class she told me that I should water it =)

Day 143 I posted a video of Roxy digging around in her bed which is the cutest thing, but this picture will have to do it justice here on the blog. (you can always check out my instagram to see the video)

Day 144 I went to my cousins recital. Cailean and Annabel did such a great job, and my Uncle Craig was in the dad dance, which was hilarious. 

On day 145, I headed up to Providence to do trivia, where we won a bottle of wine! There were some great questions, and I always love playing trivia =)

Day 146 was a nice day off! I ended it by watching the Bachelorette- hoping that my team would do well =)

Day 147- I finally started scrapbooking my France trip!

Day 148. I had a lovely lunch at Applebees with my friend Kristin. I love days off!

How was your week?

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