Tuesday, June 24, 2014

End of the Year Gift Ideas!

I'm here today to share a few end of the year gift ideas from gifts I've received this year from my students. I love the ideas they and their parents come up with and I know that sometimes people have a hard time coming up with gifts for teachers, so I thought I would share a few of the more creative ones I've received this year!

These chocolate pops were a hit with one of my classes. One of my students made these for everyone in the class and used a pointe shoe mold to make them dance-appropriate, so cute!

This water bottle with Hershey kisses inside was really sweet and it was even sweeter that they included a gift card to a local restaurant inside!

Simple, but adorable. A mason jar full of wrapped candy is a great idea! Mason jars are cheap and a great way to store items, and the candy inside is such a delicious treat!

One mom went so far as to crochet flowers for her daughters to give me and the other teachers. How sweet right?! I love it!

Another mason jar idea- but I thought the top was adorable- you are "tutu" sweet! How cute is that?! I love the idea of giving a mason jar full of candy (just make sure it's wrapped candy. A lot of people will not eat food that isn't wrapped for cleanliness reasons!)

Those are some cute homemade items I received as gifts for this end of year. I will keep you updated if I receive any other cute ideas before the year is over!

Do you have any cute homemade ideas for end of the year gifts?

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