Wednesday, June 11, 2014

How Do You Keep Your Car Clean?! (Q&A Style)

I think one of the questions I get asked all the time is: How do you keep your car so clean?
Well, I have a few tips on how to keep your car as clean as mine. I know I've touched on this topic before so if you are interested in reading my past posts about car cleaning and organization, they are listed below.

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Now that we're all caught we go!

Where's all the stuff in you car?!

The truth is my number one tip to keeping your car clean and organized is to not leave things in your car. Whatever I take in my car with me comes right back out when I get home. Your car is not a storage space, so don't use it like one! This includes trash, clothing, personal items, etc. If you don't need it today then take it out.

Where does all your trash go?

Simple. I throw it away. I am a regular at Dunkin Donuts so I get those pesky straw wrappers pretty regularly, but as soon as I pass a trash can in their drive-thru or as soon as I arrive home or at work those wrappers leave my car and get thrown in the first trash can I see. I don't recommend having a "trash bag" in your car because it will cause your car to smell. Get your trash out ASAP!

I don't have time to clean my car! You must clean it all the time!

Actually I don't! If you keep up with the cleanliness of your car you won't have to spend hours upon hours cleaning it every few weeks. I try to vacuum once a week (or at least every other week). I use lysol wipes to wipe down my steering wheel and other points of contact once a week (you won't believe how dirty they get!) Then I have a small duster that I use to quickly dust down the top of my dashboard. I've also been known to lint roll the seats from time to time, but I usually do this if I'm sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone or when I'm in line at the bank drive-thru or at my beloved Dunkin Donuts!

What tools do I need?

I recommend you keep a small duster (or rag) in your car as well as a lint roller. Lysol wipes are also great to keep in your car for wiping down consoles. I bring my Dyson out to the car once a week to vacuum, and from time to time use a window spray and rag to get the windows nice and shiny.

This is my Dyson with the attachment I regularly use to clean the car. However, they now make car vacuums which are meant solely for vacuuming your car. They even plug in right inside you car!

Your car is so small of course you can keep it clean! I drive a insert your car of choice here. Or.... Of course you can keep your car clean you don't have kids! Once you have kids your car will be a mess and you won't have time to clean it!

Yes, I drive a Toyota Corolla and it's definitely on the small side. However, before my corolla I had a Chevy Blazer and it was the size of an average SUV and I'm sure I can find several people to vouch for you that I also kept that car spick and span.
As for having kids, I don't think my personality will change much. I will always value a clean car and environment. If you have a messy environment, your life will become stressful where a clean environment promotes peace. Although I don't have kids I know that people often have their kids (who are old enough) help them unload the car entirely once they arrive home. Have your kids take inside whatever they brought out to the car. If you teach them habits that allow them to be clean and organized, they will carry those habits into their adult life- which can only help them!

What about the trunk of your car?

The trunk of my car has a few items in it, but I don't use it as a storage center. Here are the items I generally keep in my car trunk.


  • Reusable shopping bags
  • Beach Chairs
  • Emergency kit
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Ice Scraper
Yup that's it! Since I live near the ocean I like to have my beach chairs inside my car win case I decide to hit the beach on a moments notice. I also regularly use my reusable bags at the grocery store. The sleeping bag is another 'just in case' item, but I have found it to come in handy on several occasions. The ice scraper is something I hate using but is definitely necessary during Rhode Island's long winters...Finally, my emergency kit has all the essentials in case my car breaks down! 

What other storage areas do you use in the car?

I use one of the seat pockets to hold my Lysol wipes so they are out of the way but easily attainable if needed.

I use the center console between the two front seats. 

In here I store two sprays in case my car starts to smell, an alarm to set off if someone is attacking me =), and a tire pressure gauge. 

Then finally, I use the compartments on the dashboard to hold my duster, my lint rollers, my car manual and other information, and extra napkins.

That's all for this girls car organization! To see more car organization and car cleaning ideas you can check out my favorite blog ever at Simply Organized. Sam ran a week long car organization series on her blog a few years back which I thought was great!

If you have any more questions for me about car cleaning and organization (or anything else) feel free to e-mail me or leave them in the comments section. Have a great day everybody!

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