Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My First Visit To The Container Store = An Organized Bathroom

Believe it or not, I had never been in The Container Store.

I've ordered from them online, but until recently there wasn't a store in Rhode Island. There is a store in Connecticut as well as in Massachusetts but neither were exactly in places I'd normally head to. I heard a few months ago that The Container Store was coming to Cranston, RI and actually misread the date and thought it was opening in March. Well, soon I realized that it actually said May so I would have to wait a little bit longer. This past Saturday I finally got to go inside!

Photo: Day 151. Pretty sure I've died and gone to organization heaven!!! First time in the container store!!! #project365

Of course I had to buy some stuff. How could I not?

Photo: I will not

I can't contain my excitement. I will not!

Now, I bought some items to help with my current bathroom situation. If you don't know I currently share a bathroom with my brother who isn't exactly the neatest person in the world. I also didn't get to  decorate this bathroom- so it's not necessarily styled the way I would decorate a bathroom. However, I decided it would be nice to bring in a few little things that reflect my style.

Here's what we started with:

A little messy, not the greatest looking it's ever been. Enter the new products!

From The Container Store I purchased three acrylic jars and a white tray. None of these are breakable which is the most important part. I am a klutz and regularly drop things =)

I'm sure you're curious where these items went in my bathroom...so here we go with the *after* pictures..

The jars are now located on the wicker shelf. I have a teal bucket holding all my small shower gels. The small jar holds q-tips, the medium one holds cotton rounds, and the largest one holds all different size soaps. I love the way it looks now- simple but pretty at the same time!

Now, I'll give you a look inside my drawers and how I have them organized currently. They are constantly changing and evolving with what I currently need on hand. Do your bathroom drawers constantly change?

My top drawer holds my toothpaste, my rechargeable toothbrush, and a couple of other toothbrushes. I also have my EOS shaving cream in here since you can use it when your legs are dry which is great!

The second drawer is the one that holds some shower gels and hair products. The shower gels are just spare ones that I am keeping as backups, while the hair products are ones I tend to use when I'm in the bathroom and have wet hair or need to touch up my hair and get rid of flyways.

My bottom drawer holds all my "girly" products. 'Nuff said, right?

Now for that white tray I bought...

It now sits on my countertop holding hand soap, face wash, and eye makeup remover pads. All the essentials =)

Pretty pretty!

I also have a nice cleaned out cupboard too! The cleaning products are all underneath the sink. This cupboard was filled with toilet paper after this picture was taken- but it's definitely nice to have hidden storage for the good ole TP.

Finally, I'd like to show you how I keep my products in my shower...

I keep a lot of products in my shower but since everything is organized I know exactly where everything is.

How is your bathroom organized? How many products do you keep in your shower?

Have a great day everybody!

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