Thursday, June 19, 2014

Project 365: Week 24

Finally, some hot weather has arrived in Rhody! I love, love, love summer...almost as much as I love the fall. (There's something about crisp fall air, leaves changing, and back to school supplies that makes my heart skip a beat..) Summer is definitely tied with fall for my favorite season because I love hitting the beach, wearing summery dresses, and being a little more carefree. Here's how week 24 went:

On day 163 I was definitely feeling the "recital can't come soon enough" feeling. This is the time of year I think all teachers (whether they work in a school, after care program, or etc..) cannot wait till the year is over!

On day 164 I was able to go out for drinks with Rachel after work which was wonderful! Living an hour away from each other makes it hard to get together for little chunks of time so it's always nice to see her when she's visiting her parents. 


On Saturday day 165 I took a long hike and walk with my co-worker and friend Kaitlin. It's so nice to  walk and talk with someone who understands exactly what you're going through!

Day 166 was Father's Day. If you've ever met my dad you wouldn't be surprised that his father's day wish was to be left alone. He's definitely not a people-person, so a day to himself was like a dream...fine with me!

I posted two extra pictures this day too. I spent this week dog-sitting this little cutie named Molly. You know I'll take any excuse to sit around with a puppy =)

Day 167. No personal space from this dog! 

Then on day 168 I shared why I've been so exhausted all week. The house I'm staying at has a clock that chimes every half hour. It's so hard for me to sleep through that, plus the dog who wakes me up early every day and constantly lays on top of me! 

Yesterday, day 169, I used my day off to go to the beach with my co-worker and friend Kayla and her son. He wasn't too fond of the beach or sand! 

That's how my week was your week?!

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