Friday, June 13, 2014

Weekly Couponing Wrapup!

Happy Friday to you!

This week I managed to snag a few good deals. I thought it was going to be a pretty slow week and didn't have any big couponing plans- but when I made a list of things I wanted to pick up that weren't necessarily 'couponing items' I was surprised by the prices I managed to get. Here we go!

At CVS I had a scenario pretty well planned out.

(Sorry, I forgot to take a picture this week-shame on me!)

4 Almay Softies Eye Shadows @ $5.49 each
on sale buy one get one 50% off
used (4) $4/1 coupons from the paper

2 Just The Basics Cases of Water @ $2.22 each

1 Vitamin Water 2 $1.77

1 Nyx eye marker @ $9.79

I used $16 in ECBs and used a $4 off $20 which unfortunately got reduced down to 46 cents.

My subtotal was $0. I paid $1.96 in tax.

I saved $41.50 total, 100% savings! Not bad for all those items!

At Target...

1 Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder @ $1.97
used 75 cent coupon from the paper
$1 Target coupon
Cartwheel app for 20% off 
I paid 3 cents out of pocket!

2 Mossimo Dresses
used 20% cartwheel app
Paid $18.39 each (not bad for two new dresses!)

1 Goody Hair Ties @ $4.59

7 Gift Bags @ $1.25 each

11 Gift bags @ 75 cents each

2 Tissue Paper Packs @ 74 cents each

1 Double Pack of Gift Bags @ $1

I used a $10 Target gift card from a previous couponing trip. Then I paid $55.79 out of pocket.
You will see these gift bags being used in posts coming up about gift ideas!

I also went to the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale to pick up a few things

2 Candles @ $22.50 each
50% off
Paid $11.25 each

2 Candles @ $12.50 each
50% off
Paid $6.25 each

1 Scrub @ $16.50
75% off
Paid $4.12

1 Shower Gel and 1 Lotion @ $11 each
75% off
Paid $2.75 each

3 Mini Shower Gels @ $5 each
50% off
Paid $2.50 each

I had an additional $10 off $40 purchase coupon. This made my total after tax $40.87.

I saved $82.63! Amazing!

Other ways I saved this week...

  • I ordered a wrap around sweater from Discount Dance Supply with money I have earned through couponing apps and ebay sales. I saved myself $21.75!
  • I ordered bras from Victoria's Secret during their semi-annual sale. I saved myself $25 plus shipping since I used a coupon code!
  • When picking up batteries at Stop and Shop I was able to save $1.50 using a coupon and $1.30 for a deal they were having. $2.80 in savings is pretty good!

This week I saved a whopping total of $ 171.88! That's an amazing week!

I also received a few samples...

 2 Samples of Yogi tea, plus a coupon.

Dove Shampoo and Conditioner

Nature's Bounty Gummies and Ban Refresh Wipes

So many savings! How did you do this week?

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