Monday, July 21, 2014

A Small Organizer Goes A Long Way

Happy Monday!

This weekend I did a little wandering through the Target Dollar Spot and found an awesome product for $3! I found a two pack of organizers that I just had to get. Here's what I did with one of them...

In the top drawer of my makeup organizer I was using old jewelry boxes to hold hair elastics, bobby pins, and other small hair accessories. The problem was the different items were always sliding around and ending up in the wrong sections and it was driving me nuts.

So, I fixed that! It looks so much nicer now, doesn't it?

The best part? There is a lid that snaps on which is great because I only come in here when I either break my current elastic or need something like bobby pins (which isn't every day) so I can keep the lid on and make everything stay in place. Just lovely!

I have one other bin that I am organizing another group of small items in and I will share either later this week or next week! Can you guess what it is?

What have you organized lately?

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