Thursday, July 3, 2014

Project 365: Week 26

This was another crazy week around here! I had the busiest week of the year with recital and now am on a miniature vacation which is great!

On day 177 it was time for dress rehearsal which was an extremely long night! I was so happy to be able to cross of the last number and leave. I also am a super nerd and like to carry my clipboard with me =)

Day 178 it was time for the first recital! I think my favorite part now that I don't dance in the show is getting dressed up for the show.

Day 179 was recital number two! I couldn't wait to be done and when it was over I felt like a huge weight had been lifted- it was fantastic!

On day 180, it was time to celebrate Kaitlin's baby shower! I shared more details of this with you on Monday.

Photo: Day 181 competition practice. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun!  #project365 #crazygirls #lovemydancers

On day 181 I had competition practice for these lovely girls and we needed to have a little fun!

I spent a good part of day 182 on the beach! It was an amazing beach day and I got to hang out with my friend Doreen which is always so much fun!

Photo: Day 183- hanging with Kayla, crazy kitty and Brayden tonight!  #project365

Yesterday, day 183, I spent some time at night with my friend Kayla, having a couple of drinks and hanging out with her son Brayden and their crazy kitty!

How was your week?! See you guys tomorrow for my Weekly Couponing Wrapup!

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