Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rachel's Organized Closet!

Last week I spent the whole day with my best friend Rachel (also known as my BFFL) and while I was visiting her I got to do one of my favorite activities...organize!

I stole the above picture courtesy of Rachel's instagram because I thought it was very telling of our morning =)

Rachel and her fiance Ant moved into their house back in September and had closets in their bedroom that were a disaster. There were good bones, but they needed to finish them off which has been a long and grueling process. Finally Rachel's closet has been completed and she hung a bunch of items inside but nothing was organized and I'm sure it was difficult for her to find what she needed. 

Here's a look at the before:

Now, the first thing we did was bring all of her clothes from the rest of the house to her room. We made sure we had all the laundry and every item that was hiding in other rooms of the house.

Yes, we piled it all on the floor. Sometimes that's just how things have to be done! Rachel had the task of sorting all the items, putting items on hangers and making a nice big pile for Ant to worry about when he got home. My job was to sort and hang the items that were already up in the closet and then put the new items in the closet as she put them on hangers.

I asked Rachel about her preferences when it came to hanging clothes and she told me she wasn't really concerned with the way they were hung since she has a pretty open dress code at work and a lot of items make their way into both her personal and professional wardrobe. I suggested we sort items by category and she agreed but was a little wary of being able to keep things in color order as I suggested next. I did end up placing her items by category and then within those categories color coding them. Here's what the after looked like:

The categories are; pants, sweaters/sweatshirts, long sleeved shirts, short sleeved shirts, tank tops, and dresses. I think it looks pretty good! Initially I was going to hang the dresses first near the pants since they aren't something she necessarily needs to get to each and every day, but with the dresser in the corner, it was a little difficult to get back there to them.

Rachel has a ton of great organizational pieces in her closet such as this basket I used to hold her less-worn flip flops. They are all together and she knows she'll be able to find a match within the basket. I also love the hanging organization she has where she can hold scarves and other items that she might not need all the time but are in an easy to access spot.

Behind all the hanging clothes are some bins in the back of the closet that hold different clothing items she doesn't need to access regularly as well as winter boots which hopefully won't need to be worn for a long time! =)

All the piles are put away, and the floor is clear, you can't ask for more then that...

Oh yeah, a pretty, organized closet is always nice =)

Have a great day everybody!

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