Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The One and Only by Emily Giffin

Last week I read the newest Emily Giffin's novel, The One and Only and was so excited about it. I love Emily Giffin's books and was thankful that a new one was finally released. I have mixed opinions about the novel but we'll get into that in a second. Now onto the plot.

This novel starts off with Shea Rigsby an employee of Walker College. Shea's best friends mother just passed away and she is dealing with the loss of an important mother figure in her life. She is also dealing with comforting her best friend in the aftermath. As the pages pass by we learn more about Shea's life and how the dissolution of her parents marriage and how that has affected her. 

Shea has lived in Walker her entire life and is quite content with her life until recently when she discovers her feelings for "Coach", her best friends father, are more then just feelings for a family friend. 

I thought that this book was very nicely written, I really enjoyed all the football references and thought that Emily Giffin did a great job of making a "chick book" into something that girls who love football could enjoy. I however was not a fan of the relationship between Shea and Coach. I thought it was pretty gross actually, which I know is judgmental, but I didn't enjoy that part of the novel at all.

I did like how Shea overcame her relationship that occurred before Coach Clive. I won't get into too many details since I don't want to share spoilers in this post- but it really showed how strong women can be when put into an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation. 

Overall, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this novel since it wasn't one of my top favorites. There are a lot of books I would recommend before this one!

Have you read The One and Only? What did you think of it?

Any new book recommendations for me? (As if I need them...my to-read list is miles long)

Have a great day!

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