Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All My Friends Are Engaged by Jen Glantz

Last night I was reading an article that I had found by clicking on a link from a link from a link from my Facebook newsfeed. Are you keeping up? =)

The article mentioned a book called All My Friends Are Engaged which I thought was an interesting title. I clicked on the link that brought me to the Amazon page for this book and after reading the description and seeing it was only slightly over $3 for a digital copy delivered instantly to my kindle, I thought I would give it a try.

All My Friends Are Engaged by Jen Glantz is a hilarious recount of her worst dating experiences. As someone who is currently participating in not one but two wedding parties in the same year, all the while without a date, I appreciated Jen's candor throughout her e-book. She willfully shared her most embarrassing moments; from a date with a man who picked his nose and then insisted on sharing nachos with her to a group date where all the men arrived plastered, I've never heard of so many dates gone wrong and it honestly made me feel slightly better about my own dating experiences.

Sometimes it is tough to be a 20 something in this day and age. Half the people my age are in serious, committed relationships while the other half seems to be content drinking all day long. Then there are the few who are working on getting their life together while still looking for someone to spend their life with. It's hard to not feel like you're in the minority when everyone else is getting married and having babies but Jen makes it very clear in this book that it is actually completely normal. Who would want to marry the guy who can't even remember that it was you he invited to the baseball game? Who wants to be in a serious relationship with a man who isn't willing to spend more than $5 on dinner? Not Jen, and certainly not me! =)

This was a great, quick read that had me laughing out loud. Jen Glantz has a great way of storytelling and I'm glad that I found this book, it certainly makes light of a tough dating world!

Have you read any great books lately?

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