Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Big News!

Today I'm sharing some big news with you....

I'm moving.

Yes, moving. My future plans are not set in stone and everything feels completely up in the air but for right now we will just focus on the fact that I'm moving out of this house that I've lived in for the last 11 years of my life. I will be moving to another house with my family and then moving out on my own soon after.

If that isn't enough excitement for you...

I got a new job!

I will be starting my big girl job in September and I'm so excited about it!

For now, let's focus on the moving process...

I started to slowly pack up my room/closet/storage items this past weekend collecting stockpile products and less used items in any bin and bag I could find.

Now, let's take a little tour around my room when it was unpacked...

(yes, an unmade bed because that's how I roll)

Where does all that stuff go?

I ended up piling everything I've boxed up in the empty office next to my room. I plan on bringing all my small stuff over to the new house myself so I know that everything gets put where I want it!

I will be sharing all of this moving process as it proceeds and I will be sharing some pictures of this house once we are officially moved out- a way to reminisce about the house I've known and loved all these years!

I also may do an organized moving blog post if you are interested.

When was the last time you moved? What are your best organized moving tips?

Have a great day!

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