Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Less Stuff, Less Stress: End of Summer Update

Hey everyone!

I think my last Less Stuff, Less Stress update was wayyyyyyy back in April! A lot has happened since then and I have quite the collection of items to get rid of. The best part? Since we're moving mid-September, my mom has gotten on board as well and together we have a huge collection of items.

So huge in fact that we are going to be holding a yard sale next weekend. Yikes.

What kind of items are we getting rid of?

Clothes, Jewelry, Childhood Toys, Books, Furniture, Decor, Holiday Items, Electronics, etc...etc...

I guess the better question would be, what are we not getting rid of...

We have stacked a ton of items in the basement and hopefully this weekend we will sell most if not all of them!

Although I'm not thrilled about moving (at all), it has been a great reason to go through all of my stuff and get rid of everything that I don't absolutely need and love. I want to let go of things I don't use so they don't take up precious space in my world! =)

There's still a ton of stuff to go through, and packing isn't exactly coming together easily. Here's the current state of my "to-be moved" items:

Just keeping it real folks!

Now I'm off to sort through some things, while waiting for the Safelite guy to come fix my windshield. (Yes, on top of everything else going on a rock flew up on the highway and cracked my windshield at the end of last week...Oh well, it's annoying but an easy, free fix!)

When you move do you declutter before you move all your stuff? Or do you just box everything up and hope for the best?

Have a great day!

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