Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Photo Organization: Printed Photos

Remember last week when I told you I was going to be organizing my printed photos? Well I did it!

Nowadays when I print photos they usually are placed directly into scrapbooks (or at least my scrapbooking organization system) but I have a decent sized collection of photos I previously had printed for frames. I also have pictures from my childhood in this box (some of which are cut into lovely designs- yay 12 year old me!) that needed to be organized. 

Here's where all these printed photos are stored:

This box is where I store all my photos and it works well to hold on my pictures, the problem was what was happening inside...

I know. Embarrassing. There were so many pictures from every year all mixed together in one box. No organization at all. It was driving me crazy!

So first thing first, I took out all the pictures and began sorting and sorting. My main goal was to sort all of the pictures by year. I wasn't as concerned with the months pictures were taken because in some cases where I hadn't written down on the back of the pictures it was quite impossible for me to know when it was actually taken. Having them sorted into years seemed a realistic expectation of myself!

Here's more of my sorting method. I made dividers out of oaktag paper so I could keep the years separate.

I am thrilled with how this turned out! A simple bit of sorting and organization, some handmade dividers and a reused box makes for a great photo organization.

Let's do a before and after shall we?


 Looks so much better right?!

How do you organize your printed pictures?

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