Thursday, August 7, 2014

Project 365: Week 31

Another week has come and gone and I'm back with my Project 365 update!

Day 213 was Rachel's final dress fitting. I had a great time with Rachel and her mom as we dressed Rachel in her wedding dress for the last time before her wedding day! (Which is tomorrow by the way!)

Day 214. I started the day with a two and a half mile walk with Molly who I was dog sitting. It was a long day but made incredible by two families I have known for years encouraging me on future career moves. Sometimes it is so nice to have several people tell you how great your future is going to be and encourage you to be more then you are. 

Day 215 I volunteered in the beer tent at the local Seafood Festival which was a fun time. I even got a quick glimpse at the fireworks which was a first- usually I miss them entirely! 

Day 216 I spent another night volunteering in the beer tent at the Seafood Festival. I loved the group I worked with and had such a great time. 

Day 217. On this particular Monday I decided to let my hair go natural and ended up with a lions mane. I got to spend some time couponing with Laura and then hanging out with her and Melinda. Then I had a great dinner with Kristin. Also, my friend Kaitlin gave birth to a little girl! It was a fun-filled day.

Day 218 was the final walk-through of the Branford House (where Rachel's wedding will take place). It is such a beautiful location and I can't wait to be there on Rachel's actual wedding day.

Day 219, last night at trivia we played reallllllly poorly. It was actually a little humorous because usually we actually do pretty decent, but it was a night full of really hard questions!

How was your week?!

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