Thursday, August 14, 2014

Project 365: Week 32

Wow, this year is flying by. I thought Rachel's wedding day seemed so far away, and here we are almost a week later....

Day 220 was Rachel and Ant's Rehearsal dinner which also included a boat ride which was super fun!

Day 221, Rachel and Ant's wedding day!

Day 222. Taking selfies with Brayden in Target. He wasn't as in to it as we were!

Day 223, Roxy and I had a nice relaxing day! We were both feeling really lazy =)

Day 224: I had to go back to the Marriott and retrieve my shoe I left behind during Rachel and Ant's wedding! Whoops!

Day 225: I finally got the chance to meet my friend Kaitlin's new baby Lydia! She is such a tiny little thing and just about the sweetest baby you'll ever meet!

Day 226: After an awful rainy day the sun finally came out and I thought this was just a beautiful view on my way to coupon last night!

Remember you can view all of these pictures as they get posted throughout the week on Instagram. I post a lot more then just one picture a day too- so if you follow me over there you see a lot more personal things (and couponing too!)

Now it's your turn! How was your week?

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