Thursday, August 28, 2014

Project 365: Week 34

Another week gone. Another project 365 post!

Day 234: Another beach day!

Day 235, I did a pretty big shopping trip to get some new clothes for my new job.

Day 236, a beautiful day for a bridal shower! We celebrated Brittni's bridal shower and watched a gorgeous sunset!

Day 237 I spent the morning with my two college roomies. We walked around URI where we went to college and were amazed by how different everything was. There are so many new buildings...funny how things change.

Day 238 was my mom's birthday- I got to spend the day with her which was great!

Day 239 I spackled up the holes in my wall...there were quite a few!

Photo: Day 230 fun braided hair #project365

Day 240 was complete with a braided hairstyle! I love headband braids and playing around with different much fun!

How was your week?

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