Monday, August 11, 2014

Rachel and Ant's Branford House Wedding!


My best friend is married. Married! It was an amazing weekend celebrating their love for one another and I thought it was absolutely perfect!

Rachel, her mom Lisa, her sisters Ally and Sara, her college roommate Katie, her old babysitter Kristin and I went and got manicures and pedicures on Thursday morning which was so pampering! 

Then on Thursday afternoon we checked into our hotel, the Mystic Marriott, and then headed to Project Oceanology to start the rehearsal dinner fun- a boat ride! 

The views were absolutely breathtaking and we had a fabulous time cruising. We did a quick rehearsal at the Branford House and then headed to Project Oceanology to have dinner. It was a beautiful night for dinner and we were able to eat inside or out. Choosing to eat outside allowed for some amazing views!

We spent the night in a huge, gorgeous suite and played the game Cards Against Humanity which if you haven't played you should! It was a great, silly night and we all fell asleep excited for the next day!

We woke up Friday morning ready for Rachel and Ant's wedding festivities. It was a busy morning full of getting everyones hair done and everyones makeup done. Everyone looked beautiful once it was all completed!

Here are some pictures of my hair and makeup.

During the morning I found time to decorate Ant and Rachel's wedding night room, which I had a ton of fun doing! I also had the privilege of bringing Ant his wedding gift from Rachel, which was so fun to watch!

After everyone was dolled up and ready to go we headed to the Branford House where we got dressed. I was in charge of Rachel's corset and making sure she was in her wedding dress nice and tight. Once she was dressed everyone couldn't stop oohing and ahhing over how beautiful she was!

The ceremony went buy in a blur. It was absolutely beautiful and I definitely cried a few happy tears. The cocktail hour and reception were a blast and I couldn't have imagined a more perfect evening for celebrating the love that Rachel and Ant share.

These pictures are all jumbled up..but I thought I would share with you some pictures from the ceremony and reception...

I think my favorite feature was the photo booth. We had a blast playing around in the booth!

Congratulations Rachel and Ant- I'm so happy for you two!!!

P.S. I will be guest blogging this week over at Rachel's blog- click here to check it out!

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