Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Things I'm Loving Lately

Today I thought I would share a few things that I've absolutely been loving lately! I've done this a couple of times on blog which you can see here and here. These posts are inspired by Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers- I love when she shares completely random things that are making her day recently!

Having Time To Spend At The Beach

I have been enjoying a ton of beach time on our lovely Rhody beaches lately! I bought my season pass at the beginning of the summer and love having what I consider "free" entertainment for the rest of the summer. Once I have spent the $60 on the pass I might as well go as many times as I can and make the pass worth it!

Spending Time With My Best Friends

I have had so many events lately and have loved spending time with my friends. It has been great to see high school friends, college friends and everyone else in between! There are a ton of events coming up in the near future so I will be seeing everyone a lot this fall! =)

The Pogs

The other night I went to a 90's cover band concert and had a blast! The Pogs are a Rhode Island based 90's cover band and I enjoyed rockin' out to the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, and so many amazing 90's songs! One of my favorites? A 90's TV medley that consisted of Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friends, and Full House. Not only was the music incredible- the band was full of really nice guys who actually jumped in our picture without being asked- you couldn't find a nicer band!

Hanging With my Mom

I have been spending a ton of time with my mom lately and I am loving it! I am lucky to have the sweetest, most generous mom in the universe and I have been enjoying all the time we have before I start my job!


I love playing trivia every week! It is always a blast to hang out with friends while we see how many questions we can get right. I look forward to it and can't recommend Trivia Time USA enough- they do a great job!

Those are just a few things I have been loving lately- what have you been loving?

I'll be back tomorrow with a Less Stuff, Less Stress update- a pre yard sale edition!

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