Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Silkworm (A Cormoran Strike Novel) Review

The Silkworm was a fantastic novel written by J.K Rowling. I have never been a huge fan of detective novels, but I really enjoy anything that J.K Rowling writes. I previously read (and reviewed) The Cuckoo's Calling so I knew once I saw there was a new book released I needed to download it to my Kindle.

The Silkworm was a book that had me extremely engaged while I was reading it, but was easy for me to put down and come back to. I didn’t feel that from chapter to chapter I needed to continue reading right away. It took me a few weeks to get through the entire novel since I only read a chapter or two at a time, but overall I thought the story itself was excellent.

The protagonist of The Silkworm is Cormoran Strike, a private detective in the city of London. His brilliant discovery of the true killer of Luna Landry has launched Strike into the public eye. He is taking work as it comes in to his firm with the help of Robin his assistant. At the start of the novel, Leonora comes into Strike’s office hoping that he can help her to find her husband who has disappeared. Famous author,  Owen Quine disappears quite often on his wife Leonora however this time is different since he has never been gone this long. Strike agrees to take on the case and starts learning all the inner details of Quines professional life.

Strike mingles with and interrogates a myriad of characters on his journey to find the truth. This book truly showed the inner workings of the writing and editing process since Quine had previously written a novel that is under extreme scrutiny in the publishing world. Each character in his book is based on someone he interacted with in real life and the theme of his book is beyond graphic and gory.  After Strike finds Quine dead in the same manner the main character in his book died, he knows that things aren’t as they seem. 

With a slew of helpful friends and a strong assistant by his side, Strike is able to solve the mystery in spite of interference from the police and makes sure the culprit is placed behind bars.  Although I enjoyed this book, I didn’t have a clue who the killer was until Strike himself stated it. I had my suspicions about every character that passed through the novel and actually was quite suspicious about the character that actually committed the murder but didn’t know for certain who it was. 

Although I would much rather read another Harry Potter book, I like pretty much anything J.K. Rowling comes up with and will continue reading whatever she puts out (even if it is under a pseudonym!).

What have you been reading lately?

Monday, September 29, 2014


Normally something like you know, having floors wouldn't excite me all that much but oh my goodness the day I walked into my bedroom and saw the hardwood floors were halfway done....I nearly squealed with joy!

Do you remember where we started?

With gross-looking, I've definitely seen better days carpet.

When I saw my bedroom was halfway done with flooring on Friday, this is what it looked like:


A million times better right?! That was only the halfway process. After taking these pictures I moved all my items that were sitting in the undone space over to the side of my bedroom that was already finished. This way I didn't have to worry about the workers breaking any of my things and I could see where all my stuff was being moved to.

We are getting closer and closer to moving in which means that I am closer every day to sharing my finished bedroom. I am bursting with ideas for this space and I can't wait to get started! =)

Have a great Monday everybody!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Project 365: Week 38

Day 262. My room was starting to look real empty at the old house and I was feeling a little sad on my mattress on the floor! This was one of our last days at that house.

Day 263, on Friday after work I took a nice long walk down Charlestown Beach (both the town and breachway side). It was absolutely gorgeous- a little chilly at first but we warmed right up after we got moving. 

Day 264 was my last day in the old house and it was a pretty sad day. When I handed over my sparkly key I was feeling pretty bad for myself!

When I saw the gorgeous sunset at the rental house I felt a little bit better!

Day 265 I went to the Dance Masters teacher rejuvenation with my good friend Doreen. We had a great time learning from some amazing teachers and even visited Doreen's daughter Jess on our way home which was fun!

Day 266. This sweet little girl on our rental house couch. Nothing is sweeter then coming home to this little girl at the end of a long day!

Day 267. This was the first day of fall...my favorite season!

Day 268. Are any of you surprised that this was my light reading before bed the other night?! I only read a little bit of it, but I was eyeing this magazine in the store for a few days before I caved and bought it. =)

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Happy Fall!

Yesterday was the first day of fall and if you've been reading for awhile you might remember that fall is my absolute favorite season!

I love summer and the beach but there's something about fall that always makes me so happy! I love the falling leaves, the vibrant colors and of course all the fall events.

Here are a few things that I am exited about this fall.

My birthday!

Even though I'm turning 26, I'm still excited! I can't wait to start celebrating- although I'm not sure quite what my plans are yet =)

Brittni and Stephen's wedding!

The week after my birthday is Brittni and Stephen's wedding! I can't wait to be a bridesmaid in their wedding! (BTW- the dresses above are not the ones we are wearing- we will be wearing navy blue!)


I love dressing up and attending Halloween parties. I'm not sure what my costume(s) will be this year....

Other things I'm excited for?

  • My first paid holidays. With my new job I actually get paid holidays which to me is completely foreign and I could not be more excited about it.
  • Fall candles- I love the Leaves candle from Bath and Body Works
  • Movies! I am so excited to see The Best of Me, Gone Girl, and Alexander and The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day. You have to love movies based on books! =)

What are you excited for this fall?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project 365: Week 37

I'm here with a belated Project 365. Life has been crazy and will only become crazier in the days to come! There is so much going on and I will definitely keep you updated with all of it!

Day 255 Last Thursday was 9/11 and I had to post this picture as my picture of the day- Never Forget.

Day 256 An empty closet! Moving time!

Day 257 Moving to a new house with empty spaces everywhere! It's so weird to be moving.

Day 258 This was the last Patriots game I will ever watch at the old house. I love my Patriots and love sitting down to watch the game every week!

Day 259. I needed some chocolate at the end of the day so I picked up a couple of bags of Halloween kitkats which are so delicious! I spent my blogging time pigging out on kitkats! =)

Day 260. Let there be plaster!

Day 261. My friend Kaitlin brought me some whoopee pies at work and it was so nice of her! Everyone went nuts over these yummy treats!

Hopefully this weeks Project 365 will go up on time- sorry again for my sporadic internet access!

Moving Is Hard.

Things don’t always go as we intend them to, do they?

Well this move has been quite the process. Currently everything of mine is packed up and either at our new house, in storage or with me here at the rental (where I’m currently writing this post-to be published when I have access to internet)

It’s extremely frustrating to be an organized person and be unable to get to things as you need them because they are boxed up in a different location. It’s also extremely frustrating to live in an unorganized persons world. My dad doesn’t value organization like I do and it’s difficult for me to be unable to have my systems in place currently. However, it’s something I have to adjust to for the time being. 

Leaving our old house was hard. Really hard.

This is the house I’ve lived in for eleven years. 

Sure I left to go to college and didn’t live there for some of the time….but it was always my home.

The funny thing about home is- it’s not based on how long you’ve lived there. It’s about where your family is. 

Because without us there- a living room is just an empty living room.

Without my clothes hanging there- a closet is just a closet.

Without us, the house we lived in is just empty

My bedazzled key has a new owner now.

And after a ton of car loads- everything I own is no longer located in the house I lived in for eleven years.

We are still completely in the process of moving. We are in a rental house for a few weeks and then will be moving into our new home. My personal items are EVERYWHERE. There is a ton of organization to be done in the future and I am so excited about the possibility of new organization systems and making my space beautiful and functional.

I have so many ideas for posts and cannot wait to share everything with you- but I am sorry if my posts are sporadic while I have limited internet access!

Have a great day!