Monday, September 1, 2014

An Organized Yard Sale!

Happy Labor Day!

It was quite a laborious week around here last week- we spent a ton of time getting ready for the yard sale we held on Saturday. Since we had a successful yard sale I thought I would share with you my experience and how we kept things organized!

We (my mom and I) spent a great deal of time digging through every closet, attic space and bookshelf  decluttering. Our current home has a ton of storage and is quite a bit bigger then the house we are moving into- meaning we need to get rid of anything we don't absolutely love and use.

Originally we had gathered everything in the basement because we planned on having the sale in our side yard. After further thought we changed the location to our front yard- meaning everything had to be lugged back out of the basement and into the living room. 

Here's the start of the pile...

On Friday we started taking everything from the living room outside. My mom and I aren't exactly early morning people- meaning we didn't want to be lugging stuff outside at 5AM- so we thought that setting everything up the day before sounded like a much better plan.

I decided that I would bag each set of earrings into individual ziploc bags. I thought it would be easier for people to see and this way nothing would get lost in the shuffle. I placed all my jewelry in a little basket and marked it all as one price which made everything much easier.

We put like things together- all kitchen items together, sports equipment in the same area, all glass items grouped together on the same table, and all toys together under a tent.

We also had a free section across the driveway which we continued to add to throughout the day. This definitely drew in a lot of customers, and we managed to get rid of a ton of items that were destined for the Salvation Army anyways!

I actually sold the entire Barbie bin despite the fact that I had cut a bunch of their hair...

My beloved dollhouse furniture and people were taken home by a family that I know will appreciate it!

One of the best things we did was grouping items together in bins. You can see above how we kept all the picture frames contained in two bins side by side.

The 10 cent bins were a great idea for small items and things we didn't want.

I hung up all the clothing and allowed customers to take the hangers home with them which worked out nicely. We actually sold quite a bit of clothing which surprised me!

Roxy was completely wiped out!

I kept track of all our sales to make sure each of us got our fair share! As a family we made about $300! Not bad for four hours of selling items!

Of course there were a ton of items left over- we listed both TVs as free on Craigslist and one has already been picked up. I listed two papasan chairs on Craigslist and also listed a ton of items on Ebay, so hopefully I will sell at least a few of those as well. My personal take home after this yard sale? Just under $100- not bad for decluttering!

Have you ever had a yard sale? What are your tips for making a yard sale successful and organized?

Enjoy the last day of your long weekend!

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