Tuesday, September 2, 2014

End of Summer Empties

Throughout June, July and August I tossed all my empty products inside a huge DSW bag so I could give you a bunch of reviews in one post!

I went through a ton of products over the last three months- over 80 products total! We're going to get through them as fast as possible- so we better get started!

I went through a ton of haircare products this month.

Pantene Prov V Advanced Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner- This was a great shampoo and conditioner combination, along with the Pantene Pro V Age Defy Hair Mask they made my hair feel incredible silky and light. I would use these thee products again without question..however since I got them couponing I'm not sure I would ever actually pay for them because there are other products I like a little bit more.

Macademia Deep Repair Masque is one of my all-time favorite hair products. It's quite pricey but I do love it and will continue to repurchase it. It makes my hair feel great and smells incredible!

Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner are my favorite shampoo and conditioner combo currently. I would use them exclusively if I didn't get other things for free! They are amazing and they make my hair feel like it is completely healthy. I like the concept behind the Clear brand with hair health starting at the root, I think it truly makes a difference with my hair.

Loreal Advanced Shampoo and Conditioner this was a decent shampoo and conditioner. Not my favorite but I would use it again. I also liked the Loreal Repair Conditioner it seemed to make my hair feel nice and soft.

Biolage Matrix I hated this shampoo and conditioner. It made my hair so stringy and gross and I wanted to pour other types of conditioner on my hair to just make it feel a little bit better. I definitely will never purchase this and I don't know why so many people go crazy over it.

Suave Shampoo and Conditioner This is another okay shampoo and conditioner. It wasn't my favorite, it didn't do anything incredibly wonderful for my hair but it wasn't bad by any means. I wouldn't pay money for it but I would definitely use it again. The Suave Leave In Cream was okay but I didn't like leaving such a thick product in my hair.

Beauty Protector Shampoo and Conditioner This shampoo and conditioner was from a Birchbox and was absolutely awful. My hair felt like it was gluing itself together into mounds of tangles. I wouldn't recommend this particular shampoo and conditioner to anyone whose hair tangles easily.

Purse Brush I have been carrying this brush inside my purse for years and it's finally time to let it go!

Klorane Dry Shampoo I liked this dry shampoo but I'm excited to try other ones. This one was great and really made my hair feel nice when I didn't wash it so I would definitely pick it up again.

Diamond Candles Carnival Candy This was a great candle that smelt just like cotton candy! I didn't get a very good ring out of the candle (I NEVER get a good one!) but I love how much scent throw the soy candles seem to have. I would repurchase this scent again in the future- but I have loved every scent that I've tried from Diamond Candles. I will keep ordering from them- they make really great gifts too!

Bath and Body Works Palm Beach Cooler This is my favorite candle ever. Unfortunately, it wasn't brought back this year- meaning that this was the last candle of its kind that I will ever get to burn. I enjoyed it immensely while it lasted!

Bath and Body Works Coco Lobo This was a nice smelling candle but the small size made the scent throw awful. I want to actually smell my candles while they're burning! The scent of this was mostly sunscreen and I loved it!

Bath and Body Works Tiki Beach I liked this candle but once again- there was no scent throw! This smelled like the beach and had a great fresh scent and I would definitely consider repurchasing it in the future.

Febreeze Set and Refresh This air freshener made my room smell nice and fresh, however when you have it right in front of you it smells horrible! I got these for free when couponing and would be willing to get them again if I got them free.

Yankee Candle Vanilla Frosting Car Vent Clips These didn't seem to work at all! I don't think they smelt like vanilla frosting, nor did I feel like any scent was in my car from these vent clips. I would not purchase these again.

Sensodyne Toothpaste This is the only toothpaste I use anymore and this summer I finished up three travel sized ones and one large sized. This is the only toothpaste that doesn't give me canker sores so I refuse to use anything else! I highly recommend it if you have any issues with canker sores.

Crest 3D White Strips I liked these but I don't think that they are entirely necessary. If I happened to get a good deal on them I would purchase them and use them again.

Crest Pro Health Mouthwash I love this mouthwash- it''s so gentle and works well without making you feel like your mouth is on fire. I have stocked up on these and will continue using them. It's really easy to find these for free at the drugstores after coupons and sales so that makes them even better.

Listerene Mouthwash I used two of these free samples but I really don't care for this mouthwash. I don't really like feeling the burn in my mouth when I use this mouthwash but I would use it again if I got it for free but I definitely wouldn't pay for it.

Method Antibac Toilet Cleaner The toilet bowl cleaner works great and I love that there are no harmful chemicals in it but I didn't care for the scent of it. I would be interested in repurchasing it in the future, but I would definitely like to look for it in another scent if they offer it.

Pledge Multisurface Cleaner I liked this cleaner and it seemed to work well on all the furniture in my room. I have another in my stockpile and I would repurchase it in the future. The scent was really fresh and clean and didn't smell overly like cleaning product so I definitely enjoyed that.

Fragonard Shower Gel This shower gel smells orange-y, but not in a sickingly sweet orange way. It's actually from my trip to France last fall and the hotel that provided it was near the Fragonard perfumery. I wouldn't purchase this because it's just not a scent I really enjoy but I don't think that would be a possibility anyways.

Mercure and Me Shower Gel I finished up three of these little shower gels from my France trip. They were okay, not great. They smelled fresh but I couldn't pinpoint a particular scent they relate to!

Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Shower Gel I am so sick of the sweet pea scent so I am definitely happy to see this shower gel take a hike. I love Bath and Body Works products but this scent is just one that I'm not repurchasing in the future.

100% Pure Gingerade Shower Gel I love 100% pure products and the theory behind them but this was not a product I would ever repurchase. I hated the scent it smelled mostly like ginger and was just a scent I don't find particularly appealing. The shower gel also felt like it didn't really get me clean and just kind of ran off my skin. I would be willing to try another shower gel from them but definitely not in this scent again.

Dr Hauschka Body Wash I hated this scent! It was almost like a lemon lollipop which I wasn't a huge fan of. I don't particularly want to smell like a lemon lollipop but I used up this Birchbox sample and will never use it again!

Harvey Prince lotion I liked this lotion. It was creamy, smelled great and if I needed lotion I would definitely consider purchasing this in the future.

Avojuice Coconut Melon Juice Lotion I honestly didn't finish this lotion because it was so horrible. The smell was horrendous and I couldn't even open up the bottle because it just smelt so bad. Never again!

Sweet Pea Lotion I'm a little sick of this scent and will not purchase anything from Bath and Body Works in this particular scent anytime in the near future. I do love the lotions from Bath and Body Works however, I will definitely be getting other lotions from them and already have a bunch of backups in my stockpile.

Perlier Lotion This lotion was nice, not great but nice. I like the consistency of it and it smelt like almonds (almost a little bit like the Jergens lotion). I got this in a Birchbox and although I enjoyed it I will not purchase a full size in the future because I have other lotions I like much better.

Almay Makeup Wipes These wipes were very nice and I thought they did the trick with taking off all my makeup. I thought they were light and didn't hurt my skin in any way which is definitely a plus. I have another of these in my stockpile and have already started using the next package.

Almay Eye Makeup Wipes These eye makeup wipes are great and I love that I can use them and my eyes aren't affected. I always get nervous when using products around my eyes since they are often sensitive due to my contacts. I can wipe my eyes and not feel any pain at all, nor do my contacts move around when I wipe with them. I have a ton of these in my stockpile and will definitely continue using them.

Covergirl Lashblast Clump Crusher Mascara This is my favorite mascara of all time. I hate wet mascara and this mascara is great because it's on the drier side. I am able to use it and not worry about the mascara getting all over my face. It also doesn't clump at all which I suppose is why they call it the "clump crusher".

Loreal Black Eyeliner I thought this was a great eyeliner. I use black eyeliner almost exclusively and this one went on really nicely and I would definitely repurchase it.

Nyakio Coffee Body Scrub This scrub wasn't my favorite, the granules were really tiny and I really like thicker scrubs that aren't quite as runny. It smelled like coffee which wasn't bad, but also not the scent I want my body to smell like either so I will not be purchasing this in the future.

Urban Decay Primer Potion I liked this product but I don't know that it's entirely necessary. I wouldn't purchase it unless I found it on sale because I don't think it's something I need to use every day.

Boscia Blotting Linens I didn't find these blotting linens to be entirely necessary either. I liked them but I found that it took me a really long time to get through the small package of 25 because my skin doesn't get oily enough to get enough use out of them.

Laqa Purple Lipstick I'm sorry, but purple lipstick isn't really my thing! I was a little upset that Birchbox sent me this because I don't know many people who go around wearing purple lipstick regularly so I am tossing this!

12 Burts Bees Chapsticks I have a serious addiction but I love the tingly feeling that Burts Bees gives off!

Supergoop Sunscreen I liked this sunscreen a lot from the two samples I had. I would be willing to try this again in the future, but I've seen it listed as very expensive online so I'm not sure it would be something I would want to spend money on.

Coola Mineral Sunscreen I didn't care for the fact that this sunscreen was tinted. It made me feel like my skin was discolored. I am really interested in trying other Coola products, although I've heard they are pricey so I will need to look into it.

Coppertone Sunscreen I liked this sunscreen- it worked really well and felt lightweight on my skin. It smelt great and I would definitely purchase it again!

Aerie Perfume I am so thankful to say goodbye to this shampoo. It is a fresh scent but has changed a little bit over the years. I have so many perfumes and I'm trying to use up a few of my older perfumes so I can focus on the ones I actually love and enjoy using- so I'm thrilled to see this one go!

Catherine Malandrino Perfume As I mentioned in my Birchbox Review last Friday I was surprised that I actually liked this perfume. It was a little strong at first but I really liked the scent and it's worth checking out.

Jason Tea Tree Deodorant This is the only deodorant I've been using lately because I've switched to all-natural deodorant as I mentioned in a previous post called My Deodorant Story and I've been loving it. It works really well and the scent is light which is great since I hate really heavily scented deodorants.

Bath and Body Works Caribbean Escape Hand Wash This hand wash was kept in the bathroom I share with my brother. It smells fantastic and I would definitely purchase this in the future. I actually have another container of this and can't wait to use it again.

Febreeze To Go This little bottle has been living in my car for years now. I take it out and spray my car when my dog has been in it or if I've left any food or coffee in it long enough for any odor to develop. I would definitely pick this up if I could work out a couponing deal for it.

Biotrue Contact Solution This has been my all-time favorite contact solution and I actually received it as a free sample. I will definitely purchase this when I run out of contact solution because it's very gentle on my contacts and more importantly on my eyes!

Skintimate Dry Skin Shave Gel I liked this shave gel but I'm not picky about what kind I use. I would pick this up again if I got it while couponing. It smells like baby power which was pleasant but not my favorite scent for shave gel!

Skintimate Luscious Kiwi Splash Shave Gel This shower gel had a great scent and I would definitely pick it up again while couponing. I have used this a few times and although I'm not picky about shower gel I think that this kiwi one is one of my favorites.

Bath and Body Works Pear Antibac I enjoyed this antibacterial soap and kept it in my purse for the whole summer. It only had a little bit of an alcohol scent, but it wasn't overwhelming.

Q-Tips Who doesn't love Q-tips?! I only purchase this brand of cotton swabs because I use them for both my ears and removing makeup under my eyes. I keep repurchasing these and will continue for the foreseeable future!

Neutrogena Cream Cleanser I use this face wash religiously and it makes my skin slightly less dry. I've already repurchased it and have started a new one.

That's all for my summer empties! What products have you finished up recently?

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