Wednesday, September 10, 2014

He's A Bit Of A Fixxer-Upper...

So, as you may have read- I'm moving next week...into a fixer-upper house! They are already hard at work changing things (knocking down walls, tearing out carpets, etc) so a lot will be change but I wanted to give you an idea of where this house started. So here goes the photo dump!

The carpet on the stairs is pretty nasty- the carpet has actually already been pulled up!

This will be the dining room area. The half wall will also be torn apart too, making the area more open.

The kitchen will be completely redone.

This deck will be torn off the house!

The living room will have a few changes as well- immediate painting for sure!

This wallpaper has to go!

The above two rooms will be combined into a master suite. The electrical has already been completed and a master bath is being added as well as new closets.

I think a new vanity is necessary in this room!

We started with four upstairs bedrooms and they have been combined into two!

A new mailbox is necessary!

The pool has also been filled in and fencing has been torn down.

Overall a lot of work is going into this house! I will keep sharing updates and of course an end result!

What work have you put into your home?

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